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Published on 1 Jun, 2017, 7:06 PM by Aaron
Greetings all, Aaron here.

Pilot's Life has been going for near on 6 years now, a very long lifespan for a SAMP server. Since 2011 Pilot's Life has tried to give you the best playing experience you could ask for. These 6 years have not been smooth sailing, we've had our ups and downs.

The community on Pilot's Life is something to be proud of, we have had and still got many player's who have contributed much to this server, whether it be by creating maps or suggesting new content the server was entirely built around the community that still supports us.

However, due to the longevity of this server's lifetime, there are now a few problems that have arose. You may of noticed that the economy of the server is entirely out of whack, with houses becoming ever more expensive based on their looks / whether they have a gate or not or whether it even has a payphone. This gives many of our newer players a massive disadvantage in playing the game, what some of out veteran player's have is based on years and years of inflating house prices / vehicle prices.

There have been many attempts on fixing this, such as increasing taxes or the re-implementation of house taxes. Sadly none have managed to even dent the damage which has already been done.

because of this I hereby announce that the server economy will be reset on the 3rd of June 2017.

Please do not be disheartened with this but it is a last resort. As much as it may seem you are losing everything, it is giving you a chance to aim for something new. Many player's are leaving because of "they are bored", which is down to a simple fact: "Why continue to play, when i have everything I can obtain?"

Personally I also feel like this, Ive been playing since 2011. I've seen the rise and fall of many airlines. Many friends have joined and left the server. And in all honesty, if I wasn't the developer here, I most of likely left too.

What will be reset:
-All in-game currency
-All house ownerships (including custom houses)
-Many maps will be removed for the chance to add newer / bigger maps
-All vehicles
-All airlines and companies banks / fleet will be reset to 0/10. Airlines will be given money to purchase new aircraft upon reset.
-Airline / company Stats will also be reset

What will not be reset:
- Score
- Stats
- Vip / Admin level (Vip Level 3's will be able to claim their gifts again)
- Any event item (Santa Hat / Witch Hat)
- Achievements

All player's who joined the server will be given a "Pilot's Life" veteran Hat upon reset

Airlines and companies will retain their current owner's. However any inactive airlines or companies will be removed from the server.

I understand some player's will be angry, I understand some may be happy. But do not argue about it, keep the memories of what you have done and aim for better heights. This reset will most likely be a double edged sword, as well as tackling the problems at hand I understand that some players may want to leave and give up, but if nothing is done the server will become stagnant and eventually close.

If there are any concerns, please do not hesitate to ask, furthermore if there any suggestions please say.

Fly high my friends.

~ Developer of Pilot's Life ~
Published on 5 May, 2017, 7:51 PM by Aaron
Hey all!

You may of noticed an influx of new player's on the server in the last few days/weeks. This is because we're now back on the hosted tab!

Expect even more players in the coming months and experienced pilots feel free to help and give advice to our new pilots

~Pilot's Life Developer~
Published on 2 Nov, 2014, 8:16 PM by Haydz
Hey all, just a small fun update, you can now see the most popular lottery numbers. The lotto numbers are randomly generated so the choosing the top number will probably not give you a better chance, but who knows lol.

See the results here

Published on 13 Mar, 2014, 3:35 PM by Haydz
A few updates / fixes I have done over the past few days.

- New website layout for airlines / companies, CEO's can add cover photos / profile pictures for their groups.
- Online Airline / Company managing system has been fixed, you can now remove / promote / demote VIA the website.
- Group statistic pages have been updated a bit, data is now shown in a table for easier reading (Group payrates have now been added as well).
- Bank pins have been added, these are optional and you can set one up at your nearest bank. You have to enter it once every time you play, once you've entered it in that
- A new bank has been added in rodeo, it's right beside the grotti dealership.
- Fixes to the idle checker system have been added, will probably still be a little buggy but it's getting there.
- The online time issues have been fixed, you can see your online time VIA /stats.
- You can now store up to 16 small / large creates in a Yankee VIA forklift. Other truck types may be added later on if all goes well.

PS: Some of these fixes / features may already be in-game, just adding everything on here to keep people up to date!

PS: The server has been online since we changed hosts and we haven't had a single downtime / hardly any lag. Glad how the new host has turned out :).
Published on 12 Mar, 2014, 4:07 AM by Haydz
We have officially moved server hosters! We're now using VPS hosting provided by located in New York City. You can login to our server by using the SAMP IP Address -

We hope to provide our users with a lag free experience :)!

PS: If you can see this article it means you've been transferred to the new website, all website links / statistics will be up to date.