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[Updated] Battle of The Airlines 3
« on: April 29, 2018, 12:20:51 am »
Want to prove your airline is the best?

Starting April 30th to June 2nd there will be a Battle Of The Airlines!
During this period every airline has to earn as much money as they can, the airline which has earnt the most money after this period will receive a prize.

The prize for first place will be:
   - 500k for every member.
   - 5m for the airline bank
   - A free airline vehicle slot
   - A unique cape for all member's who win.

The prize for second place will be:
  - 250k for every member
  - 1m for the airline bank

The prize for third place will be 
  - 100k for every member
  - 500k for the airline bank

NEWView the live battle at:

NOTE: All airlines which complete less then 200 missions will be deleted.
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