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Gamer30Hello.400 days ago
captain_maddogthere is 2 nevada need to fix. the 2 planes is near the shamal in base837 days ago
enovennhow do i know which planes has a higher ODO922 days ago
Hannah_SwiftSomeone's dying over there.960 days ago
Hannah_Swift911960 days ago
Hannah_SwiftShould I call the medic?960 days ago
Taylor_Swift_OSHey, hey. Can you hear me? Are you ok?!1034 days ago
OdertanHello my friends, lets work1106 days ago
Promptokontolzinho1112 days ago
Ourokontolzinho1112 days ago
k8alfacan anyone provide me with role so i can service aircrafts?1179 days ago
Hehe_BoiiHii Lol1267 days ago
Quorthonhello1283 days ago
IceLubeHi 1307 days ago
BuranCzechlol1345 days ago
NebulaYoo Someone FIX the AT400 ODO1375 days ago
Max_Stanbackersend nudes pls1406 days ago
HardStone{FFFF00}Lul{00FFFF}ded1416 days ago
LudredoWo1505 days ago
FrailLimbNurseryNULL1850 days ago
G.T.Alam old player l lost my manager rank plz give rank1889 days ago
G.T.Aplz l need manager1889 days ago
742617000027all dodo ODO are almost broken and i cant fix it,anybody can fix it?1930 days ago
KeolisYo thanks for kicking me after 1 day for no reason1955 days ago
IcebearDodo's ODO are broken, please fix this.1962 days ago
IcebearNULL1962 days ago
IcebearFor CEO, promote me to Staff please. So I can /fleet1965 days ago
Carlos_ContessaBYE JETSTAR2064 days ago
AaronY U BAN ME1? I R3P0R1 YU!!2088 days ago
Locsterayo, nigz2090 days ago
G.T.Aaccept me plz2102 days ago
LewisNIIIIIIIICE2113 days ago
G.T.Al need high rank plz2133 days ago
YuraiHow to spawn at the airline base?2150 days ago
kingkingsLeaving and Comming back , helping some old friends2225 days ago
JustmeTheTruckerHello, is it possible if the shamal planes can be fixed? Almost at the 1000km.... Thanks!2229 days ago
Blue_DemonHi2247 days ago
Washington1wqqsNULL2288 days ago
Washington1wqqs=)2288 days ago
CreepyHi all2343 days ago
IcebearPlease accept my application. Thanks.2354 days ago
OhYeahWe have puchased a sea Sparrow :)2361 days ago
arnoldasNULL2374 days ago
Felipe_Moncadahello2382 days ago
nopo_task_forceplz buy a sparrow for airline :)2384 days ago
Aaron.2384 days ago
QaasimDHello2432 days ago
Mohsin_Khanplz buy hunter for airline fleet2450 days ago
Mohsin_Khanceo if you will buy a plane for airline fleet plz buy hunter2450 days ago
Alvaro_GoldHello )2452 days ago
Goldenfreddywhy2452 days ago
HoffSorry, miss-click2907 days ago
HoffNULL2907 days ago
Haydz.19774 days ago