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Player Statistics - Gamer30's Overview

DonatorYes (Level 4)
Nevada LicenseYes
Shamal LicenseYes
Dodo LicenseYes
Maverick LicenseYes
Country Poland
Shamal Missions:7143 / 22127 - 32% mission share
Rescue Missions:31 / 22127 - 0% mission share
Cargo Missions:1295 / 22127 - 6% mission share
Helicopter Missions:760 / 22127 - 3% mission share
AT400 Missions:1444 / 22127 - 7% mission share
Dodo Missions:956 / 22127 - 4% mission share
Miltary Missions:688 / 22127 - 3% mission share
Cargo Drop:4535 / 22127 - 20% mission share
Skimmer Missions:1240 / 22127 - 6% mission share
Trucking Missions:2495 / 22127 - 11% mission share
Courier Deliverys:1540 / 22127 - 7% mission share
Total Missions Completed:22127 / 22127 - 100% mission share
Contracted Airline:Lufthansa
Contracted Company:Star Inc.
Last Connected4 Days Ago
Online Time: Hours, Minutes.
POTD Wins:3496
Average Satisfaction:99

Player Houses

OwnerLocationPriceSlotsLast Visit
Gamer30Red County$42,000,000424 Days Ago
Gamer30Temple$17,000,000694 Days Ago
Gamer30El Corona$50,000,000204 Days Ago
Gamer30Rockshore West$35,000,000204 Days Ago

Player Vehicles

VehicleLocationMax SpeedPriceLast Visit
LandstalkerWhitewood Estates150 KPH$250,0004 Days Ago
BravuraTierra Robada148 KPH$225,0004 Days Ago
BuffaloWhitewood Estates186 KPH$400,0004 Days Ago
PerennialRockshore West132 KPH$170,0004 Days Ago
SentinelRockshore West163 KPH$180,0004 Days Ago
DumperWhitewood Estates110 KPH$5,000,0004 Days Ago
FiretruckWhitewood Estates148 KPH$700,0004 Days Ago
TrashmasterIdlewood100 KPH$300,0004 Days Ago
StretchTemple157 KPH$400,0004 Days Ago
MananaIdlewood129 KPH$250,0004 Days Ago
InfernusWhitewood Estates220 KPH$1,000,0004 Days Ago
VoodooIdlewood168 KPH$320,0004 Days Ago
PonyWhitewood Estates110 KPH$220,0004 Days Ago
MuleIdlewood105 KPH$210,0004 Days Ago
CheetahTemple192 KPH$750,0004 Days Ago
AmbulanceWhitewood Estates154 KPH$800,0004 Days Ago
MoonbeamWhitewood Estates115 KPH$150,0004 Days Ago
EsperantoWhitewood Estates150 KPH$190,0004 Days Ago
WashingtonWhitewood Estates153 KPH$210,0004 Days Ago
BobcatWhitewood Estates141 KPH$240,0004 Days Ago
Mr WhoopeeWhitewood Estates98 KPH$1,400,0004 Days Ago
BF InjectionRockshore West135 KPH$270,0004 Days Ago
PremierWhitewood Estates150 KPH$180,0004 Days Ago
EnforcerWhitewood Estates165 KPH$1,300,0004 Days Ago
SecuricarWhitewood Estates156 KPH$900,0004 Days Ago
BansheeRed County201 KPH$600,0004 Days Ago
PredatorRed County180 KPH$700,0004 Days Ago
BusIdlewood130 KPH$800,0004 Days Ago
RhinoTierra Robada94 KPH$10,000,0004 Days Ago
BarracksRed County110 KPH$700,0004 Days Ago
HotknifeRed County167 KPH$350,0004 Days Ago
PrevionTierra Robada149 KPH$210,0004 Days Ago
StallionRockshore West168 KPH$200,0004 Days Ago
RumpoWhitewood Estates136 KPH$150,0004 Days Ago
RomeroIdlewood139 KPH$300,0004 Days Ago
PackerWhitewood Estates126 KPH$400,0004 Days Ago
AdmiralWhitewood Estates163 KPH$230,0004 Days Ago
SeasparrowRockshore West124 KPH$04 Days Ago
PizzaboyWhitewood Estates140 KPH$130,0004 Days Ago
TurismoWhitewood Estates193 KPH$800,0004 Days Ago
TropicRed County130 KPH$750,0004 Days Ago
FlatbedIdlewood157 KPH$350,0004 Days Ago
YankeeIdlewood105 KPH$290,0004 Days Ago
CaddyWhitewood Estates95 KPH$400,0004 Days Ago
SolairRed County157 KPH$180,0004 Days Ago
Berkleys RC vanWhitewood Estates135 KPH$180,0004 Days Ago
PCJ-600Red County191 KPH$150,0004 Days Ago
FaggioTierra Robada169 KPH$90,0004 Days Ago
FreewayTierra Robada185 KPH$120,0004 Days Ago
RC BaronWhitewood Estates55 KPH$04 Days Ago
GlendaleRed County147 KPH$220,0004 Days Ago
OceanicRed County140 KPH$210,0004 Days Ago
SanchezRed County162 KPH$130,0004 Days Ago
PatriotWhitewood Estates156 KPH$400,0004 Days Ago
QuadTierra Robada110 KPH$160,0004 Days Ago
HermesRed County149 KPH$200,0004 Days Ago
SabreTierra Robada172 KPH$330,0004 Days Ago
ZR-350Temple186 KPH$700,0004 Days Ago
WaltonWhitewood Estates117 KPH$220,0004 Days Ago
ReginaEl Corona139 KPH$190,0004 Days Ago
CometWhitewood Estates184 KPH$500,0004 Days Ago
BMXIdlewood96 KPH$500,0004 Days Ago
BurritoWhitewood Estates156 KPH$150,0004 Days Ago
CamperIdlewood122 KPH$190,0004 Days Ago
MarquisRed County120 KPH$400,0004 Days Ago
DozerRed County62 KPH$2,500,0004 Days Ago
FBI RancherWhitewood Estates157 KPH$700,0004 Days Ago
VirgoTierra Robada150 KPH$230,0004 Days Ago
GreenwoodWhitewood Estates140 KPH$230,0004 Days Ago
JetmaxRed County175 KPH$400,0004 Days Ago
SandkingWhitewood Estates176 KPH$500,0004 Days Ago
Blista CompactRockshore West160 KPH$200,0004 Days Ago
BoxvilleIdlewood107 KPH$230,0004 Days Ago
BensonIdlewood122 KPH$220,0004 Days Ago
MesaRed County140 KPH$290,0004 Days Ago
RC GoblinRockshore West29 KPH$04 Days Ago
Hotring RacerRockshore West215 KPH$600,0004 Days Ago
Bloodring BangerTemple173 KPH$600,0004 Days Ago
RancherWhitewood Estates139 KPH$290,0004 Days Ago
Super GTRockshore West179 KPH$700,0004 Days Ago
ElegantRockshore West165 KPH$200,0004 Days Ago
JourneyOcean Docks107 KPH$230,0004 Days Ago
BikeIdlewood102 KPH$120,0004 Days Ago
Mountain BikeIdlewood128 KPH$120,0004 Days Ago
NebulaTierra Robada157 KPH$210,0004 Days Ago
MajesticIdlewood157 KPH$200,0004 Days Ago
BuccaneerWhitewood Estates164 KPH$210,0004 Days Ago
FCR-900Idlewood200 KPH$150,0004 Days Ago
NRG-500Red County200 KPH$140,0004 Days Ago
HPV1000Tierra Robada185 KPH$160,0004 Days Ago
Cement TruckWhitewood Estates130 KPH$200,0004 Days Ago
Tow TruckIdlewood180 KPH$230,0004 Days Ago
FortuneRockshore West157 KPH$190,0004 Days Ago
CadronaTierra Robada149 KPH$195,0004 Days Ago
FBI TruckFlint County176 KPH$600,0004 Days Ago
WillardRockshore West149 KPH$230,0004 Days Ago
ForkliftIdlewood60 KPH$300,0004 Days Ago
TractorTierra Robada70 KPH$350,0004 Days Ago
CombineWhitewood Estates105 KPH$390,0004 Days Ago
FeltzerTierra Robada167 KPH$215,0004 Days Ago
RemingtonTierra Robada168 KPH$210,0004 Days Ago
SlamvanRed County158 KPH$220,0004 Days Ago
BladeTierra Robada172 KPH$230,0004 Days Ago
VortexWhitewood Estates100 KPH$1,000,0004 Days Ago
VincentTierra Robada149 KPH$290,0004 Days Ago
BulletTemple202 KPH$600,0004 Days Ago
CloverTierra Robada164 KPH$200,0004 Days Ago
SadlerWhitewood Estates150 KPH$190,0004 Days Ago
FiretruckWhitewood Estates148 KPH$1,000,0004 Days Ago
HustlerRed County147 KPH$300,0004 Days Ago
IntruderRockshore West149 KPH$230,0004 Days Ago
PrimoRockshore West142 KPH$210,0004 Days Ago
TampaKings153 KPH$230,0004 Days Ago
SunriseRockshore West145 KPH$300,0004 Days Ago
MeritRockshore West157 KPH$200,0004 Days Ago
YosemiteWhitewood Estates144 KPH$290,0004 Days Ago
WindsorTemple158 KPH$180,0004 Days Ago
MonsterWhitewood Estates111 KPH$3,100,0004 Days Ago
UranusIdlewood156 KPH$180,0004 Days Ago
JesterRodeo172 KPH$390,0004 Days Ago
SultanWhitewood Estates169 KPH$400,0004 Days Ago
StratumIdlewood153 KPH$230,0004 Days Ago
ElegyTemple178 KPH$350,0004 Days Ago
RCTigerIdlewood88 KPH$04 Days Ago
FlashTemple164 KPH$250,0004 Days Ago
TahomaTierra Robada159 KPH$200,0004 Days Ago
SavannaTierra Robada173 KPH$210,0004 Days Ago
BanditoRockshore West146 KPH$300,0004 Days Ago
KartWhitewood Estates93 KPH$2,000,0004 Days Ago
MowerIdlewood60 KPH$450,0004 Days Ago
DuneWhitewood Estates110 KPH$390,0004 Days Ago
SweeperIdlewood60 KPH$400,0004 Days Ago
BroadwayEl Corona157 KPH$180,0004 Days Ago
TornadoRockshore West157 KPH$250,0004 Days Ago
DFT-30Idlewood130 KPH$300,0004 Days Ago
HuntleyWhitewood Estates157 KPH$320,0004 Days Ago
StaffordTierra Robada153 KPH$225,0004 Days Ago
BF-400Dillimore175 KPH$130,0004 Days Ago
NewsvanWhitewood Estates136 KPH$200,0004 Days Ago
EmperorEl Corona153 KPH$220,0004 Days Ago
WayfarerIdlewood174 KPH$100,0004 Days Ago
EurosTemple164 KPH$390,0004 Days Ago
HotdogWhitewood Estates107 KPH$1,500,0004 Days Ago
ClubIdlewood167 KPH$280,0004 Days Ago
Police Car LSPDWhitewood Estates175 KPH$300,0004 Days Ago
Police Car SFPDWhitewood Estates175 KPH$300,0004 Days Ago
Police Car LVPDWhitewood Estates175 KPH$300,0004 Days Ago
Police RangerWhitewood Estates157 KPH$350,0004 Days Ago
PicadorWhitewood Estates150 KPH$190,0004 Days Ago
S.W.A.T. VanWhitewood Estates110 KPH$800,0004 Days Ago
AlphaRed County169 KPH$350,0004 Days Ago
PhoenixRed County171 KPH$500,0004 Days Ago

Player Achievements

Completed a total of 500 Shamal missions.
Completed a total of 500 Cargo deliverys.
Completed a total of 500 Helicopter missions.
Completed a total of 500 AT-400 missions.
Completed a total of 500 Dodo missions.
Completed a total of 500 Military missions.
Completed a total of 500 Skimmer missions.
Completed a total of 500 Cargo drops.
Completed a total of 500 Courier missions.
Completed a total of 1000 Shamal missions.
Completed a total of 1000 Cargo deliverys.
Completed a total of 1000 AT-400 missions.
Completed a total of 1000 Skimmer missions.
Completed a total of 1000 Cargo drops.
Completed a total of 1000 Courier missions.