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Player Statistics - Shak's Overview

DonatorYes (Level 4)
Nevada LicenseYes
Shamal LicenseYes
Dodo LicenseYes
Maverick LicenseYes
Country Germany
Shamal Missions:500 / 16091 - 3% mission share
Rescue Missions:12 / 16091 - 0% mission share
Cargo Missions:504 / 16091 - 3% mission share
Helicopter Missions:100 / 16091 - 1% mission share
AT400 Missions:470 / 16091 - 3% mission share
Dodo Missions:150 / 16091 - 1% mission share
Miltary Missions:101 / 16091 - 1% mission share
Cargo Drop:9642 / 16091 - 60% mission share
Skimmer Missions:1 / 16091 - 0% mission share
Trucking Missions:184 / 16091 - 1% mission share
Courier Deliverys:4427 / 16091 - 28% mission share
Total Missions Completed:16091 / 16091 - 100% mission share
Contracted Airline:Lufthansa
Contracted Company:Lufthansa Cargo
Last Connected9 Days Ago
Online Time: Hours, Minutes.
POTD Wins:831
Average Satisfaction:96

Player Houses

OwnerLocationPriceSlotsLast Visit
ShakHayden Island$15,000,000159 Days Ago
ShakEmerald Isle$70,000,000309 Days Ago

Player Vehicles

VehicleLocationMax SpeedPriceLast Visit
BuffaloThe Emerald Isle186 KPH$400,0009 Days Ago
StretchThe Emerald Isle157 KPH$400,0009 Days Ago
InfernusThe Emerald Isle220 KPH$1,000,0009 Days Ago
CheetahThe Emerald Isle192 KPH$750,0009 Days Ago
SqualloHayden Island240 KPH$500,0009 Days Ago
SeasparrowThe Emerald Isle124 KPH$09 Days Ago
TurismoThe Emerald Isle193 KPH$800,0009 Days Ago
FreewayThe Emerald Isle185 KPH$120,0009 Days Ago
RC BaronThe Emerald Isle55 KPH$09 Days Ago
SanchezThe Emerald Isle162 KPH$130,0009 Days Ago
FBI RancherThe Emerald Isle157 KPH$700,0009 Days Ago
SandkingThe Emerald Isle176 KPH$500,0009 Days Ago
Police MaverickThe Emerald Isle185 KPH$600,0009 Days Ago
Hotring RacerThe Emerald Isle215 KPH$600,0009 Days Ago
Mountain BikeThe Emerald Isle128 KPH$120,0009 Days Ago
HydraThe Emerald Isle270 KPH$1,000,0009 Days Ago
NRG-500The Emerald Isle200 KPH$140,0009 Days Ago
BulletThe Emerald Isle202 KPH$600,0009 Days Ago
MonsterNone Saved111 KPH$09 Days Ago
ElegyThe Emerald Isle178 KPH$350,0009 Days Ago
SavannaThe Emerald Isle173 KPH$210,0009 Days Ago
AT-400Las Venturas270 KPH$09 Days Ago
Police Car LSPDNone Saved175 KPH$300,0009 Days Ago

Player Achievements

Completed a total of 500 Shamal missions.
Completed a total of 500 Cargo deliverys.
Completed a total of 500 Cargo drops.
Completed a total of 500 Courier missions.
Completed a total of 1000 Cargo drops.
Completed a total of 1000 Courier missions.