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Player Statistics - cygnus's Overview

AdminstratorYes (Level 4)
DonatorYes (Level 4)
Nevada LicenseNo
Shamal LicenseYes
Dodo LicenseYes
Maverick LicenseYes
Country United States
Shamal Missions:841 / 8869 - 9% mission share
Rescue Missions:4 / 8869 - 0% mission share
Cargo Missions:2014 / 8869 - 23% mission share
Helicopter Missions:582 / 8869 - 7% mission share
AT400 Missions:1810 / 8869 - 20% mission share
Dodo Missions:609 / 8869 - 7% mission share
Miltary Missions:1317 / 8869 - 15% mission share
Cargo Drop:155 / 8869 - 2% mission share
Skimmer Missions:506 / 8869 - 6% mission share
Trucking Missions:531 / 8869 - 6% mission share
Courier Deliverys:500 / 8869 - 6% mission share
Total Missions Completed:8869 / 8869 - 100% mission share
Contracted Airline:Inverted Airlines
Contracted Company:TransX
Last Connected22 Days Ago
Online Time: Hours, Minutes.
Callsign:I love you
POTD Wins:1065
Average Satisfaction:95

Player Houses

OwnerLocationPriceSlotsLast Visit
CygnusPrickle Pine$5,000,0003022 Days Ago

Player Vehicles

VehicleLocationMax SpeedPriceLast Visit
BuffaloJulius Thruway North186 KPH$400,00022 Days Ago
DumperPrickle Pine110 KPH$5,000,00022 Days Ago
InfernusJulius Thruway North220 KPH$1,000,00022 Days Ago
CheetahJulius Thruway North192 KPH$1,000,00022 Days Ago
BF InjectionPrickle Pine135 KPH$270,00022 Days Ago
BansheeJulius Thruway North201 KPH$810,00022 Days Ago
SeasparrowPrickle Pine124 KPH$022 Days Ago
TurismoJulius Thruway North193 KPH$800,00022 Days Ago
RC BaronPrickle Pine55 KPH$022 Days Ago
SanchezPrickle Pine162 KPH$130,00022 Days Ago
PatriotPrickle Pine156 KPH$400,00022 Days Ago
ZR-350Julius Thruway North186 KPH$700,00022 Days Ago
SandkingPrickle Pine176 KPH$500,00022 Days Ago
Blista CompactJulius Thruway North160 KPH$200,00022 Days Ago
MesaPrickle Pine140 KPH$290,00022 Days Ago
Super GTJulius Thruway North179 KPH$700,00022 Days Ago
NRG-500Prickle Pine200 KPH$140,00022 Days Ago
Tow TruckPrickle Pine180 KPH$230,00022 Days Ago
VortexPrickle Pine100 KPH$1,000,00022 Days Ago
BulletPrickle Pine202 KPH$600,00022 Days Ago
UranusJulius Thruway North156 KPH$180,00022 Days Ago
SultanPrickle Pine169 KPH$400,00022 Days Ago
StratumPrickle Pine153 KPH$297,00022 Days Ago
BanditoPrickle Pine146 KPH$300,00022 Days Ago
AT-400Julius Thruway North270 KPH$022 Days Ago
PhoenixJulius Thruway North171 KPH$500,00022 Days Ago

Player Achievements

Completed a total of 500 Shamal missions.
Completed a total of 500 Cargo deliverys.
Completed a total of 500 Helicopter missions.
Completed a total of 500 AT-400 missions.
Completed a total of 500 Dodo missions.
Completed a total of 500 Military missions.
Completed a total of 500 Skimmer missions.
Completed a total of 500 Courier missions.
Completed a total of 1000 Cargo deliverys.
Completed a total of 1000 AT-400 missions.
Completed a total of 1000 Military missions.