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Pre 3rd September - 2015
« on: April 23, 2011, 05:17:50 AM »
3rd September, Thursday

Added /despawncars command - This will despawn all of your vehicles.
Added despawn cars button to /mycars
Updated /mycars menu, now has 3 columns and looks a lot cleaner.
Dice has been removed from the VIP area.
Added the airline salary system.

How the salary system works.

When you join an airline your default salary is $10,000. You will get this salary every 60 minutes (works with tax / interest etc).

Airline owners have the ability to change your salary ($1 -> 100mil per 60 minutes). This money comes from the airline bank so airline owner's will most likely only increase this if you're a hardworking member.

This is now how you earn money from airlines, 100% of the payrate goes to the airline bank, none goes to you!

This system will hopefully encourage user's to work harder for their airline in order to get a payrise OR bargin with other airline's into employing them for a larger salary.

Just like real life!

30 November, Sunday

- VIP Level 2+ can now spawn spraycans and smoke grenades (/vipmenu -> attach weaponary).

29 November, Saturday

- The donations page has been updated and now includes a calculator so you can work out the required donation amount (
- & will both link to the donations page, before only a capital 'D' in donations was accepted.

23 July, Wednesday

Level 3 VIP's only
- /house(/h) [House Number] - Typing  '/house' or '/h' without any parameters will show you a list of the house numbers you can use, numbers will be from 1-3 depending on how many houses you own.

All Players

- /sprayairlinefleet [Color1] [Color2] - Will spray your whole airline fleet a certain color.
- /spraycompanyfleet [Color1] [Color2] - Will spray your whole airline fleet a certain color.
- All air vehicles speed will now be displayed in knots; Your MPH / KPH setting will only apply to land vehicles.
- Bug Fix: Company percentage payout were being incorrectly given / displayed. This has been patched.

Thursday 12 June

- The PL In-game DB & the Forums DB are now auto backed up every 24 hours. This task may temporarily cause the server to lag but will only last for a few minutes.
- A design update to the vehicle purchasing menu, nothing much but vehicle prices are now display in green, it surprising looks a lot better though.
- Fixed a bug that allowed you to travel to another interior / virtual world and see where the lost cargo was located.
- The server time that is displayed on the SAMP client will now appear as "Saturday, 00:00"
- Companies can now purchase Yosemite's($250,000) & Bobcat's($350,000) through the company menu.
- Companies can now warp vehicles through payphones that need to be serviced.

Thursday 13 March

- New website layout for airlines / companies, CEO's can add cover photos / profile pictures for their groups.
- Online Airline / Company managing system has been fixed, you can now remove / promote / demote VIA the website.
- Group statistic pages have been updated a bit, data is now shown in a table for easier reading (Group payrates have now been added as well).
- Bank pins have been added, these are optional and you can set one up at your nearest bank. You have to enter it once every time you play, once you've entered it in that
- A new bank has been added in rodeo, it's right beside the grotti dealership.
- Fixes to the idle checker system have been added, will probably still be a little buggy but it's getting there.
- The online time issues have been fixed, you can see your online time VIA /stats.

Saturday, 8 March

- An idle checker has been added to the server, will now set users who've been idle for 5 minutes + to AFK mode.
- More fixes with the interest system.

Thursday, 6 March

Today a few minor updates / patches have been added to the server.

- A new lost cargo minigame has been added to the server. This minigame update happens every day at 4 AM (4:00) (In-game Time). The aim of the game is too find the lost cargo pickup. The clue times are as followed...

4 AM (4:00) - The lost cargo will be announced and spawn at a random location.
8 AM (8:00) - The server will announce the closest city to the lost cargo.
12 PM (12:00) - The server will announce the region the lost cargo is in.
4 PM (16:00) - The server will announce the closest player to the lost cargo.
8 PM (20:00) - The distance to the lost cargo in meters will be announced(you will only see how far away you are).
12 AM (24:00) - If nobody has founded the lost cargo then the cargo will be destroyed and the reward from that cargo will be added to the next cargo reward. A new cargo will be dropped at 4:00 (4 AM).

NOTE: You can see the clues at any time (including the updating distance to cargo) by using the /lostcargo(/lc) command.

NOTE: There is currently 88 locations for the cargo to spawn but I have made a command to add them in-game dynamically so that number will rapidly increase to avoid players remembering the locations.

- Max Interest has been capped to 1 Million, if you have more than 2 billion in your bank account then you'll receive 1 Million. This is due to the fact such large integers can't be used(It's causing numbers to go into negative states).

- If you have over 2 billion in your bank accounts (1 User) it will be displayed as $2,000,000,000(+) to avoid negative integers being shown.

- A new VIP map color has been added, the color is "Cerulean(0x05B8CCFF)"

Sunday, 1 December - Thursday, 5 December

/stealth command - Lets you pay 5k to hide your map icon from map and have your name tag draw distance decreased from 500 to 50m's. If you can't afford to pay it any longer, or respawn the /stealth mode will stop.

Collect Santa's 25 missing presents and he'll reward you with a cool firemask.

More Information on this -

"Hi all, Santa called me this morning informing me he was in town earlier today and some of his presents flew out the back of his sled and haven't been seen since. He needs them to be retrieved before the end of the month or christmas is going to be a wreck! If you're kind enough to help Santa; search around the main land, they're all over San Andreas (Mainland Only)."

If you're a VIP level 3 user you can play christmas tree wars!

Fuck Yeah, It's time to be a christmas pirate. To see if this event is for you, read the basic outline below.

1) You must love to plant christmas tree's and watch them grow in a hidden location.
2) You must not be scared of fellow christmas pirates, they might steal your christmas tree's. Watch out!
3) Be willing to earn mega bucks by planting tree's!

Well, if you love the sound of being a christmas pirate, this mini-game is for you.

How it works?

1) /plant a christmas tree at your desired location, please remember that other user's can steal these tree's so try and keep them hidden :). Also keep them off runways / anything else that might annoy another user. This feature has been set to level 3 VIP's only)Might change once the system's been out for a bit) so we can control it a bit better (also test for bugs etc). Any user that is caught ruining the fun for everybody else will be banned.

2) Wait for it to grow, It will grow 1-4 wood pieces per 13.5 seconds unless it has been fertilized then it'll grow 2-6 wood pieces per 13.5 seconds. Tree's also grow a little bit faster when it's raining (2-4) per 13.5 seconds.

3) Tree's grow up to a total of 250 wood pieces, if you don't pick them up and they reach this amount then they'll die and you'll get no wood pieces from the tree. Make sure to keep an eye on them with the /trees command.

4) Once they're ready to be cut down (200-249 is the best, but it's up to you). simply walk into the checkpoint underneath the tree and type '1' into the chat bar to pick it up OR type '2' into the chat bar to pick it up & replant another seed.

5) Head to one of the christmas tree stores around the map and sell your wood pieces, they sell for approx $35 per piece.

Additional Information

 - Tree's will not grow when you go offline. They do stay with your account though and will re-appear when you log back in.
 - The script hasn't been fully tested with a whole server yet so may contain some bugs but me and Ricardo tested it quite a bit and seems to be working nicely (Only one way to find out ;).
 - Let the best christmas pirate win! Goodluck everybody.

 - /trees - View the location and area of your planted tree's.
 - /treeinfo(/ti) - See how many seeds / wood pieces / Fertilizer you have on you.
 - /plant - Plant a christmas tree at your location, these are quite big so make sure you hide it from users.
 - To harvest / spread Fertilizer on your tree simply walk into the checkpoint underneath it.

Store Locations -

Sunday, 6 October

- A Pizzaboy class / Pizzaboy missions have been added to Devon Island, This class requires 25 score. Missions give you 1 point per mission and takes around 40 seconds to complete one.
- A confirmation screen to /sellcar has been added, this should avoid users using this command instead of /forsale.
-A draw bridge feature has been added to Hayden's Island, You can use /o to open and /close to close the drawbridge.
- A lottery system has been added, you can donate to the jackpot VIA /addlotto and to purchase a lotto ticket use /lotto [Ticket ID 1 - 150].
- All Airport Tax dollars + Lottery entry ticket money goes straight into the jackpot.
- Heaps of small updates / fixes are getting added all the time but they're just not added to the changelog :). I'll try my best to keep this updated no matter what.

Thursday, 12 September

- Airline / Company vehicles will now spawn / despawn if no users from the group are online.
- An attempt at fixing the car speedometer bug, working well ATM.
- The online time has been fixed(on-going 5 days without rebugging), about 50 users will still have bugged times, they just need to be reset by me.

Saturday, 7 September

- Dice for VIP's has been removed due to constant arguing between users. It may return later.
- When you /pm or /r a user it will display the AFK message if they're paused as well.
- Slots have been reduced to 100 slots due to the holiday period being over, they'll probably be set back to 150 slots around the christmas holiday period.
- COTD will no longer display a companies name if nobody is trucking.

Monday, 5 August

- VIP's can now save their VIP skin + VIP Weather using the /vweather and /vskin commands. (to disable it set it to skin ID 0 or weather ID 0).
- Dice can now be played and it now takes money if you win / lose.
- There is now a VIP ATM in the VIP hangout area.
- If you have unlimited nitro installed your fuel will drain faster when holding the LMB down.

Friday 27 July

- You can add any rims to any vehicle at the Blueberry Modifications Garage. All Rims cost 3k apart from Gold Rims which are 50k.
- The new speedometer now displays the fuel / damage bars.
- New Speedometer has been added (NOTE: There is no needle on the dial due to it not really being possible in SAMP).
- Added a option to display either KPH or MPH (/p and it's near the bottom).
- You can select what colours you'd like to use for your speedo.
- Aircraft panel will support the MPH change in the next update.
- Road signs will be added to bridges to tell you which direction goes where, a few have been added in north LV.

Thursday 26 July

Please note that heaps of updates have been added to the server but I haven't had a chance to note them down on the change log hence why some of the updates below aren't exactly 'new'.

- Improved object streaming when spawning on islands, the server trys to load the objects in your house's region before you spawn.
- You can no longer respawn trucks with crates / containers on them.
- You can now load small crates onto Yosemites, it can hold a total of 4.
- You can now complete courier missions with Yosemites.
- All House tags / vehicle tags have been update, they're now displayed in green / white.
- /mycars / vehicle menu has been updated (You can now update the sale price / cancel the sale all from the menu) (Some of the features may not display probably but will be fixed in the next update).
- Spawns at the Chaq Towers have been fixed. (User's use to spawn on the wrong floor).
- We have added 3 depots and 1 container lot ( one in each city, the LS dock contains containers which you can load onto the ships with the forklift).
- Forklifts can pickup / drop crates (or containers). You can use the '2' key.
- You can load crates / containers onto DFT-30's or Yosemites.

Friday 28 June

- There is now an online player record counter, when the server breaks a record it'll be displayed to all users, you can see the current record using /record.

Sunday, 23 June

Server Updates

- Players with under 100 score can own 1 vehicle. To purchase any more then that they will have to purchase a house.
- Once they purchase a house they will lose their additional free slot.
- Possible fix for the fuel bug, if you're still getting it once the server has been updated then feel free to PM me in-game.
- Fixed a bug that allowed you to turn your engine back on while refueling and it automatically refueled your tank.
- Added a few more pro tips to the server.
- Added a new ATC textdraw when you announce your take off / landing, some of you may have already seen it but it wasn't added to the changelog.
- Using /panel will now show / hide the passenger information textdraws.
- Fixed the bug that allowed your fuel level to go above 100% while refueling.
- You can now use the /seatbelt command to turn on / off the seatbelt sign. Turning off the seatbelt sign at above 300 FT will give you +10 satisfaction.

Donator Updates

VIP Level 1

- Pay only 7k to get your number plate changed.
- Unlimited nos has been reduced to 40k

VIP level 2

- Pay only 5k to get your number plate changed.
- Taxs are reduced by 25 percent.
- Unlimited nos has been reduced to 30k

Friday, 7 June

- Besides [Applications] in the airline / company menus it will now display the amount of pending applications, e.g - [Applications - 3 Pending].
- COTD (Company of the day) has been added to the server, excatly the same as AOTD but for your company pay.
- The amount of money you make for the airline / company is now saved to your account, also includes the amount of flights you've done.
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Re: Change Log
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Monday, 21 May

- Added a small note which tells players how to close the help menus upon spawning.
- Added a /getprice [ Vehicle Name] command, just search for apart of a vehicle's name and then you'll be shown it's price and buyable location, the command will also show you player owned vehicles which have been /forsale'd.
- The server now has a confirmation message when you use the /buycar command.
- Small problems fixed with the /forsale command on vehicles.
- Prices display on the vehicles now include commas, e.g $1000000 will be $1,000,000.
- Soome digit's which are used to display money amounts now use comma's, e.g $1000000 will be $1,000,000.
- When somebody purchases a house it displays the amount of slots it contains.
- When somebody sells a house it displays the amount of slots it contains.
- Airlines can now purchase Coaches ($320k) and Taxis ($400k) from the airline store.
- When somebody purchases an airline vehicle the vehicle will spawn at their current location instead of verdant meadows. (Try find some room if you're buying planes).
- Added a map to Wang Cars, Wang Cars can now be considered as a dedicated trading zone for old vehicles.
- Vehicles which are for sale will still be spawned when you've left the server (Player's which abuse this will have there vehicles automatically deleted without notice, only set your vehicles for sale if you wish for them to be sold).
- You can't set the for sale price for a price which is higher then the original purchase price.
- You can only use the /cancelsale command when your vehicle is for sale.
- You can now update your vehicle's sale price without canceling the sale then setting the price again.
- Classes such as Cargo drop, bus driver and a few others will only give you one score when you complete the missions. User's who've already completed missions VIA those classes will keep their score.
- Added a Taxi Class, the taxi classic is very similar to the coach driver's class but the missions are a lot shorter and pay a bit less. If you've got some more suggestions for how we could improve these classes feel free to suggest them. (Maybe a time limit, the faster you get them there the more pay. Etc Etc).
- When an airline vehicle is parked it'll be added to the airline's journal.
- The amount of money that is classed as 'Distance Pay' is the amount of money that gets added to the AOTD total for your airline.
- The airline which wins the AOTD will now get a random amount of money between 20000 - 40000 added to their bank account instead of the players receiving a small amount of money.

Monday, 13 May

- Changed the help menu's to make them more appealing. You're still able to disable them VIA /preferences(/p).
- Fixed the 'Default Class' bug that allowed you to select the army without having the required score.
- Added a Bus Driver Class, You will take passengers from either a train station or an airport and then off load them at a hotel, motel or lodge. Once you've taken them there the next mission will consist of the same thing but the other way around, you'll take passengers from their hotel,motel or lodge and unload them at a train station or an airport. Then once again your next mission will consist of you going from a Airport / Train Station then go to a motel, lodge or hotel.

Saturday, 5 May

- Van missions have been improved slightly, your unload location will be closer to the airport. Meaning if you're loading in LV, the unload house will be near LV. If not just outside of it (Farmer's need a way to get their mail too!).
- Built a system which will help me with naming the house locations. Instead of having a lot of houses located at 'none saved' they'll all have a real location in a day or two.
- Bank sharing system should be fixed.

Wednesday, 18 April

- You will now receive money for storing cash in your bank. The interest amount may be lowered as It's quite high compared to taxes right now.
- Added in the massive mansion in LV, You'll be able to win this mansion through a comp (more information on it will come soon).
- The checkpoint at San Fierro Carrier has been moved, it will no longer be inside the building.
- Added "Cortez Island" - Mapped by Crystal.
> Added missions to Cortez Island.
> Added ATC to Cortez Island.
- Added "Wadworth Hill" - Mapped by Jkr.
> Added dodo missions to Wadworth Hill.
> Added ATC to Wadworth Hill.

Tuesday, 17 April, 2012

Links posted on Ban Appeals would automatically be turned into linked URL's instead of just plain text.

Monday, 16 April, 2012

Due to some players being mad about the fact they've lost their rank 'aviation legend' and been demoted to a 'newb' rank. I've decided to add a feature which is fun and will also benefit largely for the players which have put a lot of effort into the server.

- Users with other 6000 score are now able to set there own custom ranks.
> /setrank [rank name] - Ability to set your own rank (This will appear under your name tag instead of your default tag given to you by the server. Maximum of 25 characters in length.
> /resetrank - Sets your rank back to the default, your tag given to you by the server will start appearing again.
> This feature only changes the name tag under your head, your default rank will be shown in things like login messages.

Sunday, 15 April, 2012

- When somebody is banned by speed hack it'll say their vehicle name in the ban reason.
- Airline ban system, you can currently ban players from your airline, there is no way to remove them yet but that'll be added soon.
- Fixed problems with /flip, you can no longer use it, when you're a passenger and when you're in a plane.
- The close dialog button on the applications menu has now been changed to a 'back' button, once you press it you'll be taken back to the main menu.
- Their are now a total of 30 pilot ranks, the final rank is at 20,000 score.
- When somebody advances to the next rank it's announced in the main chat.
- The spam filter now checks in PM's and airline chat.
- Muted players can no longer use airline chat, /ad, /me and /vann.

Monday, 9 April, 2012

- Lowered the payphone cost from $5,000 to $2,500.
- Added the "Launch" to the boat shop at the marina in Los Santos. The launch will cost $400,000.
- Sky diving missions will now have different heights, the script will randomly select a number between 300-500. Once selected that'll be the height that your passengers will jump from.
- You will now automatically be set to your default class upon login, you can change your default class by going to your preferences menu (/p or /preferences).
- When a user get's promoted or demoted in the airline member's menu the changes will automatically take affect. Users will no longer have to re-log for their new status to be given to them.
- Added a "Bank History" feature, it logs all of your actions to do with your bank, things such as withdrawals, deposits, access's granted / revoked. When clicking on the Bank history tab you'll see the 20 latest entries.
- Implemented bank account sharing, you can now give people access to your bank account.
- Implemented logs for the bank account sharing system, You'll be able to view them on the website soon and even in the bank dialog menu.
- The house tax price has been lowered from 10% to 6%.
- Added a /flip command, flips your vehicle when it's upside down.
- Added a PayPhone at LS airport, It's in the carpark near the hangers / burrito hangout.
- Police Maverick's are now able to complete helicopter missions.
- Made it so when you type /respawnmycars it only respawns vehicle's which aren't in use.
- Added an additional /respawnallmycars command to respawn every single vehicle, even if it's in use.
- Added a short command for /respawnmycars, the command is "/rc" which stands for respawn cars.
- Added the "Sweeper" to the rare dealership for $400k.
- Added the "Forklift" to the rare dealership for $300k.
- Added an additional command to see who's in your created group, /grouplist has been added and does exactly the same thing as /mygroup.

Wednesday, 04 April, 2012

- The /givehouse has been removed from the server due to people abusing it. If you wish to give somebody a house you can just set the price to like $1.
- Added an admin announcement command, admins are now able to display a red message in the main chat.
- There are now army missions which take you to the "Rickroll island carrier".
- The server will now allow 1 advertisement every 30 seconds, so you can't get your advertisement overlay-ed by somebody else's.
- The time to post another advertisement has been lowered. Meaning VIP's only have to wait 180 seconds before posting another advertisement and regular players only have to wait 300 seconds.
- When using /givecash you can now send a total of $50,000,000(50 Million). In addition to this you must send at-least $5,000. The minimum of $5000 per transfer has been implemented due to money spammers (Sending a whole bunch of $1 coins to another player and spamming their chat).
- Added a /vipcommands command; the command allows you to quickly view the VIP commands in a chat box instead of doing it the manual way (/help -> VIP Commands).
- Instead of going into debt when using the payphone to teleport your vehicle you'll get a message saying you don't have enough funds to get it teleport'd.
- When a user puts there house up for sale they'll be charged 10% of the purchase price when it's been bought. If you sell your house for 1 million, you'll get 900k and the server will take 100k for example.
- The airline pay rate has been lowered a tiny bit, it hasn't been lowered by much so don't worry about loosing a lot of money.
- You now get charged $5000 to get your vehicle teleported to you.
- Fixed a bug when a user sets an airline MOTD it use to say the old MOTD, instead it says the newest one.

Monday, 12 March, 2012

- You can now complete Sky Diving Pilot missions in a Nevada. The Nevada holds more passengers then the beagle.
- Added a "Flight Log", logs all of the flights you've completed and you'll be able to view them in your user panel once the new panel gets implemented.
- Fixed a problem when the airline announcement gets set, players will also be notified when a new announcement is set.
- Fixed the problem with some house gates not opening for the owner.
- Fixed the problem with the /atc command.
- Working on the airline journal, the journal currently logs
   - Airline Promotions
   - Bank withdrawl's / deposits.
   - Application decisions.
   - Fleet slots / purchases
   - Vehicle purchases / sellings.
- Fixed a bug where airlines couldn't sell some of their slots.
- When an airline sells a slot you'll only get $1,000,000 back.

Friday, 3 February, 2012

- Added an airport mapped by Sursai.
- Added an airport mapped by ThePalo[KLM].
- Fixed the promotion bug, airline owners will now be able to promote / demote their users again.
- You're now able to have more then one owner in your airline, You can set a player to level 5 by clicking on their name then "set to rank 5".
- Fixed a number of small bugs and a couple of spelling mistakes.
- You can now check how many pilots are in your region VIA the /atc menu. /ATC -> Airport -> Check pilots in your vicinity.
- On Passenger flights you're now assigned a number of passengers. The amount of passengers you're carrying will show up when you complete a flight.

Monday, 30 January, 2012

- Passenger Satisfaction will now go down when your vehicle gets damaged - In addition I'm thinking of creating another bar which shows the percent of your Passenger's Satisfaction, If you've got any ideas on where it should be placed feel free to post in the suggestions sections.
- Fixed a number of problems with the system, You wont make passengers scared when you're not loaded(can't make passengers mad when you don't have any), your percent can not go lower then 0% and many other updates similar to the above.
-Players average satisfaction rating is logged, players will be able to view the safest pilot on the website highscore system shortly.
- You can now view the top ratings on the highscore section of the website, here
- You can now access the website by going to'll automatically re-direct you to
- Added a "passenger fee" for Sky Diving Pilot missions, will bump up the pay a bit and It seems to pay a fair bit now.

Sunday, 29 January, 2012

- Added a Passenger Satisfaction system, when you ascend or descend at a large rate your passengers will get mad, when you complete the mission if your passengers are 100 percent happy you'll get a small bonus, if they are under 100 percent happy you'll have to pay a small fine.
- Fixed the layout for the dialog which appear's when you finish a mission(for most screen resolutions).

Saturday, 28 January, 2012

- Added a new class called 'Sky Diver Pilot'.
- Players are required to have 70 score or more to select this class.
- You load sky divers at one of the 3 loading airports ( Santa Marina Beach, Octane Springs Airport and Blueberry Farm Airport. Once you've loaded the sky divers you fly to your dropping destination the checkpoint will be located at 500 FT above the ground, once you've entered the checkpoint you'll be rewarded with your mission pay.
- You can spawn at either Blueberry Farm or Santa Marina Beach airport, both airports are equipped with 5+ beagles.
- You use beagles to complete these missions.
- You gain 1 score per mission you complete.
- Fixed the refueling problem, you now use 'Y' to refuel your plane instead of 'H'.

Friday, 27 January, 2012

- Fixed problems in server signatures displaying the wrong amount of players online.
- Added two more radio stations, Triple J - suggested by Sambo and Radio Veronica suggested by Lockheed.
- You can use /plate [number plate] to change your vehicle's number plate.
- Vehicles need to be respawned for the number plate change to take effect.
- Number plates cost a total of $10,000 per vehicle.
- /leaveairline command will now charge you $10,000 every time you leave an airline.
- Made some slight changes to the /myairline command.
- You can now do /serverip to see Pilots Lifes server IP.
- A fuel warning will appear at 5,10 and 20 percent fuel.
- You will be notified with an air horn sound and by a message in your chat box.
- When your fuel is lower then 20 percent your fuel bar will be red.
- When your fuel is higher then 20 percent your fuel bar will be green.
- When you're refueling your aircraft your fuel bar will be yellow.
- Added a /balance command; lets you see how much money you have in your hand and banks accounts.
- Added /carkeys command; Allows you to view the car key's you've given out. You can choose to remove all of your current keys by clicking on the first dialog button or removing them one by one by clicking the list.

Wednesday, 11 January, 2012

- Added 3 maps
^ Malic Island
^ Isla de Santos
^ Octane Springs airport remodel

Saturday, 7 January, 2012

- You can now register 10 accounts per IP, if you've already got more then 10 accounts you wont be able to register anymore.
- You can't talk if you're not spawned, this includes once you've died you wont be able to talk again untill you've respawned.
- Fixed some problems with the Server Advertisement detection system with Ricardo.
^ No, we don't need you to "test" it, if you get banned by "testing" it you'll remain banned.
^ Administrators will be able to see the message which was classed as advertised.
- Added 2 maps.
^ Added an airline base which is located south of Fort Carson.
^ Added a small fix for the airline base in East Beach.

Monday, 2 January, 2012

- Added Server Advertisements to Ricardo, if a player advertises their server they'll be banned for 14 days.
NOTE: It's still beta so some bugs may occur although things like saying S.W.A.T wont be detected like last time.
- Removed the Christmas decorations.
- Added SF Army Base.
- /mycars and airline fleet menu's will now show more vehicles, although it wont completely fix the problem of them not showing.
- Added ST Airways upgraded base.
- Fixed the bug which said your online time was a extremely high number like 58327 or -42123.

Thursday, 29 December, 2011

- The owner of an airline can no longer be removed from an airline.
- Fixed the "teleport" bug when you press S.
- Disabled the co-pilot system, upgrading to 0.3d seems to have bugged it.
- Removed the Christmas events, everybody who has completed the event will still be able to /santahat, decorations are still there and will be remain there until 2012.
- At 24:00 the server will be check to see if the MySQL is connected, if not it'll reconnect itself.

Friday, December 23, 2011

- Reactivated the server.
- Added Christmas decorations created by Lockheed.
- Over the Christmas time the Tax System will be replaced with a santa gift system, every 60 minutes you'll recieve a random amount of money inbetween $2000 - $10000.
- Added Country Checker to /preferences menu, you can now choose if you'd like to check if your country matches your accounts one.

- NOTE: It's recommended that you always keep Country Checker on, if somebody from another country gets a hold of your password they still wont be able to enter your account.
If you're wondering why it's optional if I recommend you keep it on, read below.

For any reason some people move around the globe, if you're going back to school, or going on vacation, You can disable it and you'll be able to play from another country.

Monday, December 19, 2011

- Added another security called 'Country Checker'. This feature was made to keep hackers out of your account, say you live in New Zealand. If a 3rd party from for example (Germany) happened to find out your password they wouldn't be able to due to the fact their country isn't the same as your accounts country.
- Added /radio, only handles 4-5 radio station's at the moment, but more will be added later on(suggest in the suggestions section).
- Added 3 new bases, LZ speedbird's, ST airways and Inverted Airlines updated base.
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Re: Change Log
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

- Connect / Disconnect messages are now display in blue, instead of orange.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

- You can now check a players statistics in the /friends menu, simply click on their name then click 'View Statistics'
- Santa now pays for 50 percent of your taxes.
- Should have fixed the /ATC menu bug.
- Fixed the problem with players vehicles not disappearing when they disconnect.

Friday, December 9, 2011

- Banned players can only view the ban appeals section on the website.
- Added updated Inverted Airlines base.
- Added updated KLM Cityhopper's base.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

- Fixed the gate animation bug, gates will now open and close and they use to.
- ATC short commands such as /t and /l only support their type, for example /t will only show you take off options and vise versa.
- Added command /eject [playerid], ejects a player from your vehicle.
- Added command /ejectall, removes all players from your vehicle.
- players which don't participate in the AOTD will not receive any of the bonus money. By participating I mean if you haven't completed a mission in the same day that your airline wins the AOTD you will not receive the cash bonus.
- /me can now be used every 10 seconds instead of every 20 seconds.
- Players can now contact the ATC every 20 seconds instead of every 30 seconds.
- Removed the abandoned planes objects at verdant meadows.
- Removed a number of objects from LS airport including the stairs and the crane near LS docks.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Created a page which shows features on the website -
/messages now has pages, you can now see all of your messages.
When you disconnect the vehicle which you were in last will respawn.
When the ping limit changes it will tell everybody who changed it and what they changed it to.
Removed tree objects from Qantas's base.
Added the remapped version of Delta International.
Added  LZ Jumbo Jet's base in blueberry.
Added Air Punjab HQ in north SF.
When you enter your password it's now masked
Removed Belkan Airport and all the missions going to it.
Removed Obsessy Airbase and all of the missions going to it.
Removed a small airport in Vinewood(not the main Vinewood Airport).

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Added /wotd command, shows the latest WOTD winners.
Fix problem with fuel calculating incorrectly.
Fixed problem with players not being able to leave their house.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

VIP's can no longer enter any vehicle with any class.
Tax's have been lowered by 50%, to see your new tax total visit or type /tax in-game.
Fuel prices have been lowered to $30 per litre.
Added in Kingston Island, many different types of missions fly there.
Added in many more helicopter missions. Places like Rickroll Island now have a mission.

Sunday, November 27,2011

Added a search function to the website ban list -

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Added Big Money Airways' new airline base, added the new gate located at there airline base also.
Removed Rock Sheryl Islands due to it not being used.
Courier missions have now been added to /stats.
Fixed vehicle paint job problem, all paint jobs should now save.
If you pay 0 dollars in taxes you wont get a message saying you pay taxes.
The ATC menu now auto updates if you have it open, meaning if you're in-range, or out of range the menu will update saying so.
Loading / unloading messages now display realistic messages depending on your aircraft, for example a burrito will now stay "loading packages", instead of "loading passengers".

- You can have a total of 5 different bank accounts, you're able to name them whatever you want.
for example, one could be called 'savings', one 'spending' etc etc.
- You can store unlimited money in all of them.
- Each bank account has a setup fee of $50,000.
- You can close(delete) a bank account at any time by clicking on 'close account'.
- There is currently 6 banks around SA. (Las Venturas ,Las Santos ,San Fierro, Montgomery, Las Barrancas).
- You don't get any interest for having your money in the bank, although you will do later on.
- Banks are display on the minimap by a green dollar sign.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Airlines can now set a minimum score required to submit an application for there airline.
Updated the VIP menu.
- VIP skins now save once set. You can set your skin using /vskin [skin ID] or in the /vipmenu -> skins.
- VIP weather now save once set. You can set your weather using /vweather [weather ID] or in the /vipmenu -> weather.
- VIP map colors now save once set. You can set your color by using /vipmenu -> map colors.
- Added /vskin [skinID], lets you set your own skin. - list of skins -
- Added /vweather [weather ID], lets you set your own weather -

NOTE: These commands are only for VIP users. If you'd like to donate you can visit this link here -

Admins can now disable a players caps lock using /caps [playerid].
Added /haydz [question] - Will send a question to Haydz is I'm online. If I'm not online you wont beable to use the command.
Players will automatically get kicked from their airline after 14 days, airline owners can choose to set the inactive time to lower if they wish. Inactive Days must be between 1 - 14.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The houses which had disappeared near Whitewood Estates have been remapped and readded. All houses include at least 1 gate and have been increased in price + slots.
Added 'Airline Journal' preference to /preferences, the preference is still yet to do anything but in the future it'll tell you whenever somebody in your airline does something (for example purchase a fleet, spray a vehicle, change spawn point). Also these actions will be logged and viewable in the airline menu.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Updated the website homepage, When you first visit the website you will be asked if you'd like to try it out or not, after hiding that message you can always go into your control panel and change the website layout from there.

Admins can now open every gate, even if they aren't in that airline, or own the house.
Fixed problem with /androm.
Did some rescripting of the gate system so it works with houses, some houses will receive gates, most wont. please don't spam me to add a gate to your house, spamming me will result in not getting one.
Added gates to Inverted Airlines base.
Added Qantas's remap of their base.

Wenesday, November 16, 2011

Re-created member management for airline owners on the website, they can promote / remove users straight from the website.
Able to view who has the vehicles to a vehicle on the website, go to your assets and click on your vehicle, if you're the vehicle owner you are able to do remove a players key.
Fixed the problem with giving keys in-game, you should be able to use the players vehicle with no problems now.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fixed the shamal mission bug, and made the mission system more efficient.
Added some more achievements, every mission now has an achievement for completing 1 mission of that type.
Added gates at airline bases, only people from your airline can open the gates, use /open or /o to open the gate.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Resigned command menu, Shows a long list of commands and what they do, ordered into different groups.
Fixed problem when you press SHIFT and it stops you from jumping.
Added /givecarkey [playerid] (optional: days) - Gives a player a key to your car, you can add how many days if you wish, player will automatically have his car key removed when the amount of days is over.
Added /takecarkey [playerid] - Takes the car key of your requested player.
Added color codes to most client messages, important information like their name will be displayed in orange.
Added /givehouse [playerid] - Gives your house to another player.
Changed some colors on the website, darker grey / white etc.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Added /tax command, allows you to see how much you will be taxed on your vehicles / houses, will also show you how many minutes untill you will be taxed again.
If you're using an airline vehicle fuel will be payed for by your airline instead of yourself, when you're using your own vehicle you will still pay for your own fuel.
Fuel now costs 50 percent more.
Players now have to pay tax every 60 minutes. You can find out how much you pay by visiting this page here.
Added ladders at SF airport, when you fall in the water you can just walk into the checkpoints and you'll be teleported back up to land.
Fixed the payphone bug, You're now able to teleport vehicles to your current location when near one.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Created a payphone system, When you're standing next to a payphone it'll open a menu which allows you to either "View Statistics" or "Warp Vehicle". View statistics will show you how many times the payphone has been used, and "Warp vehicle" will allow you to teleport one of your vehicles to your current location. Payphones will be located at islands and maybe some commonly used attractions( for example one ontop of LS tower, so you can teleport your vehicles to the top of the tower then drive them off).

/amotd - View your airlines current message of the day.
/smotd - players with which have the required rank to change an announcement can use this to change the MOTD.
When a player connects to the server they will see the airline MOTD.
The MOTD can still be changed in the airline menu (/ma -> announcement -> set an announcement).
Airline owners can make it so players who are inactive for a certain amount of days are able to be kicked from their airline.
Whenever an airline purchased a new vehicle for their fleet a message is announced to the server saying so.
Whenever a player purchases a new vehicle it announces it to the server.
Added a couple of new animations to /anims.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Added Courier Driver of the day.
Added /setemail command, able to set your email address, once you've set it you wont beable to set it again, you'll have to request it to be changed by an admin later on, if you've entered your email you'll beable to recover your password if you've forgotten it.
The MySQL server should automatically reconnect itself every time it disconnects.
Modified some parts of the script to make them more efficient.

Monday, November 07, 2011

The work panel bar will now always be shown.
Added a preference to hide all mission information chat messages.
The server now logs when you last connected.
When airline employees view the member list on the website if their rank is above the 'member management rank' set by the airline owner they are able to delete the users from the website.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Created a new plane panel, displays the same but with a bit more and a better style.

Saturday, November  05, 2011

Applications - Players must submit an application to join, players who have the rank over the 'Member manage' option are allowed to moderate these and choose whether to accept / decline each player.
Rank 5(Owner) - Players which are rank 5 are classed as (Owner), There can only be 1 owner in every airline.
Change Airline Owner - When you click on this option you'll see a list of all the users in your airline which are ranked Founder(level 4). Once you click on that member he'll become owner of the airline,  changing owner also costs $1,000,000.
Park Vehicle rank, Airline owners can set a certain rank for players to park airline vehicles. (default level 5)
Spray vehicle rank, Airline owners can set a certain rank for players to change their airline fleet's vehicles (default level 5).
When using the /airlines command it will just display the airline's name, instead of the airlines name + owner.
Improved the general look of the menu, looks a lot cleaner.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Added /afklist, lists all the players which are currently AFK and their reason they used when excuting /afk.
Fixed problems with worker of the day not displaying how much money / missions they winner completed.
Added a cash bonus for the WOTD's, when you win you'll get a random amount of money between 5-15k and you'll also receive 1 POTD win,(if you win more then 1 you'll get +1 point for each mission type).

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Added workers of the day, their is a total of 9 mission types and at the end of the day(24:00) a textdraw will appear on the left hand side telling you who won, the textdraw will disappear after 10 seconds.
The lotto system was removed, same with lotto tax.
Players need to be in either a plane or a helicopter to use /atc.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Airline owners are now able to sell their airline fleet spots for 75 percent of the purchase price.
Added /land and /takeoff, they will bring up the landing / take off menu's for the closest airport.
When contacting any ATC tower it'll display a message saying you've contacted the tower and the radio frequency you used.
When entering a dogfight lobby you'll spawn at a random airport in the desert region, should stop a fair amount of spawn killing and players spawning ontop of each other.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Updated the airline members lists, members are now sorted into pages, 9 per page, highest ranks come first.
When clicking on a player you can add them to your contacts list, view their statistics or send a message to them.
Airline owners can promote/demote/remove members in their airline by clicking on the user.
Possible attempts to fix the call-sign statistic bug, all call-sign's have been reset due to this, /setcallsign to set your callsign again.

Saturday, October 26, 2011

The website should look more appealing for I.E users, things like images wont contain blue borders and the drop down menu bar will drop down instead of just standing still.

Updated the website to look more like the rest of the website.

Friday, October 25, 2011

Updated some parts of the website to make them more appealing, the highscores feature has been redesigned completely.

Wednesday, October 25, 2011

Ability to locate your vehicles on the website aswell as other vehicle statistics.

Tuesday, October 24, 2011

Added 3 maps, Big Money's Airline Base, Blueberry Farm airport, Rickroll Island.
Added the ability to view the location and interior(and other statistics) of your house on the website. Click on the ID in your user profile - example -

Monday, October 24, 2011

Added: weather zones, each city has a different weather zone will have different types of weather at different times. example - LS is sunny while SF is raining. Weather forecasts are accessible in the /atc menu, contact the airport and the server will get the weather report for that area.
Added: /at400 command - Allows you to enter a AT-400 when you're under it.
Added: Airline Owners can now choose what player rank can promote / demote members.
Changed: /stats [otherplayerid] - command can now be used to check another players stats, if the [otherplayerid] param is left empty it will display your own statistics, if you've entered part of a username it'll display their stats(if they are connected).
Fixed: bug which didn't make houses go unowned after 14 days. all houses will now go unowned after 14 days.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Added: /me [action] - Allows you to say an action, command can be used every 20 seconds.
Added: /afk [reason] - You can go AFK, command can be used every 60 seconds, if it hasn't been 60 seconds since you last used it your /afk message will not be announced to the whole server, just yourself.
Added: /atc, allows you to announce landing / taking off at most airports(around 20+ airports supported).
Fixed: You can only use the contact the ATC every 30 seconds to stop spam.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Added: Progress bar when loading / unloading your plane.
Added: Notepad system, able to create a note, save it as low / medium / high priority and delete it later on, you can access the notepad menu by typing either /notepad or /notes.
Fixed: The message you recieve when completing a mission now displays fully instead of being cut off.
Added: New Inverted Airlines base, located north-west LV.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fixed: Dogfight bug which said the vehicle was owned by somebody when it was a server vehicle.
Added: Ability to create own stuntplane missions with /createmission [mission name], if this command gets abused It'll be removed, you can test stuntplane missions created by users by using /work in a stuntplane.
Added: 4 more signatures to everybody's user panel's, images created by Nova, scripting by Haydz.
Changed: Airlines get more company bonus.
Changed: Recreated the way the airline systems work, players get a cut of the airline pay instead of a payrate.
Added: /adminmessage, does the same thing as /admin but for new players so they don't get confused.
Fixed: Players which have airline chat disabled will still see players messages when a player used /a, but wouldn't when a player used *[message]. Players can't see either of them if there chat is now disabled.
Changed: Server now has a higher chance of picking sunny weather.
Added: Added the foggy weather, will not appear very often.
Added: Players cannot purchase a house when they have under 100 score, players which own a house and have under the score of 100 will loose them / possibly refunded.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fixed random vehicle labels spawning on vehicles in the dog fighting lobbies.
Added /workbar [On / Off] command, /workbar Off will hide the work bar, /workbar On will show the work bar.
Fixed many small issues with the script.
Possible attempts at fixing the fleet bug(Some airlines had there vehicles deleted in the process, if your airline was one and you're the airline owner contact me in game to get a refund).

/restore [vehicle id] command for admins.

Monday, October, 2011

Added the gate system, More information will be put out later on so you can get your own gate(Airlines only).
Airlines owners can purchase a baggage from the airline store.
VIP's can display more characters in the VIP announcements.
Massive reworking in parts of the script to make it run better.
Cargobob's now have an interior, press G near one to access it.
/vips command, able to view all online VIP members.
/dogfight command, able to dogfight with other users in a lobby. 4 lobbies which contain different types of game-play experience.
Ability to block airline chat messages, changeable in /p.
Added a map to the grotti dealership in Los Santos.
Added Sursai's map, located north of Inverted Airlines base.

Recreated the website.

New announcement system, allows you to like / dislike the announcement, logs views(1 per IP) and many other statistics.
new user panel. Allows you to easily access your stats and other players. Admins can ban / warn / unban players from the user panel.

Organized the menu bar, if you hover you mouse over some of the options you will see things such as the search bar.

Added a feature called 'Help Pages', You can submit your own help page, or read others. Every page gets moderated before putting made live.
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Re: Change Log
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2012, 10:29:54 AM »
Added: /formations command to view active formations, click the formation to join it.
Added: AOTD, stands for Airline Of The Day, It's excatly the same as POTD but based on working together with your airline to earn the biggest pay. The AOTD gets picked at 24:00 and all the online members from the winning airline get a small prize.
Added: LS Cop Car - 300k, SF Cop Car - 300k, LV Cop Car - 300k, all purchaseable at San Fierro Police Station(Service Vehicles).
Update: Messages will now show the date that they were sent.
Update: You can now send 2 lines in your message.
Update: Army class now requires 250 score to select it.
Update: Aid Worker now requires 300 score to select it.
Added: Ability to view the amount of POTD wins on the highscores.
Added: Ability to view the amount of AOTD wins on the highscores.


Helicopter formations are in beta, This feature allows you to complete helicopter missions in a group.
- /formation [playerid] -- Joins a players formation.
- /myformation -- Shows you the players who're in your formation and where they are located.
- /leaveformation -- Leaves your current formation.

remember - this feature is in beta and may contain some bugs, if you find anything post it in the bug reports section.


Airlines are now able to purchase slots for there airline.
To purchase a slot go /airlines -> your airline -> fleet management -> purchase slot.
Airline vehicle slots cost 5 million per each one.

Finnair recieved 5 airline slots and 10 million dollars for winning BOTA.

Added Heligoland Island mapped by sursai
Added Sebastions airline base.

few small bug fixes  / minor code change.
Created a full new website designed and scripted by myself(Haydz), many features like auto login have been implemented.

/ad time limit has been increased.
VIP's can use /ad every 5 minutes.
Regulars can use /ad every 10 minutes.
These times were increased due to players spamming and abusing the /ad command.

Alot of bug fixes / safer code.


Lottery will now pick a random number between 1 - 150. If it picks and active player they will win the jackpot, if the player isn't active the lotto money then go towards the next jackpot causing the lotto jackpot to rise untill it gets won.

Players will now freeze upon spawning at there airline base due to some airline vehicles spawning under the ground.

Designed a new /stats page. It will now display new things like
Flights completed today
Money earnt today
What airline you're in.
What rank you're in that airline.

And a couple more little features in there.
(This stat page will also display when pressing on there name on the scoreboard.(Press TAB)


Added a auto login feature, This feature will keep your account logged in for 30 days.

When you login your username / password doesn't have to be caps sensitive.


The lottery will now start at 20k.

Added /myairline command to see the players from your airline which are online.

Vehicles will now only appear if you're online, when you disconnect your vehicles will get destroyed and appear again once you login. This means more vehicles are able to be bought, less lag on the server, more features we can have on the server.

When you're in a mission a map icon will appear over the load/unload checkpoints allowing them to easily be seen when the server is packed.

Helicopter missions are now a bit shorter, still not close enough to farm missions.


Lottery system, every mission you complete around 500 dollars will be added to draw(It will tell you when completing your mission). The jackpot will add up for all lotto earings then when POTD gets chosen so will the lotto winner, somebody will always win the lotto.

When taking a test you and your plane will be in a different world to all the other players, you wont beable to get rammed or annoyed by anybody else during the test.

couple of other small updates like minor bug fixes etc.


When starting a mission it will now pick one further away from you, you can't farm missions now.

Adds a friends list system, to see all of your friends /friends, to add a friend use /addfriend.
When using /friends it will tell you if the player is online or not.

when using /afklist it will display the reason they have been AFK for.

Allowed for 3 more airlines to open, see the application section if you wish to create one.

Airlines now have 4 ranks (Founder, coFounder, Manager, Staff), To set your privileges to this (if you're the airline owner) If you wish to give a player another rank, remove them from your airline, then readd them again.

Airlines can take charge of who can use what, aka /respawnfleet could be set to manager +, if the player is a manager in that airline you're able to use it. Airline owners can also set stuff like Announcements/Bank Access/Members added a rank of their choice.

Bush flying missions were added.

Quite alot of maps were added, including 3 oil rigs(missions go to them), 2 base updates.

Updated various parts of the airline system to make them better and more efficient.

Updated the /stats command, and the stats box which shows when you click a user on the score board.

VIP's can now set the start of there callsign to another color.  for example
To change your color go to /preferences (/p) then enter a color code before your callsign ({FF9900} for example is orange.)

Ping limit warning, you get 5 warnings untill you get kicked for ping, you will be warned whenever you pass the limit.


Created a group system which allows you to talk to mates in private.

/groupmessage [message] - Sends a message to your current group members.
/gm [message] - Quick command for /groupmessage
/groupinvite [playerid] - Invites a new user to your group.
/gi [playerid] - Quick command for /groupinvite.
/groupcreate [Group Name] - Creates a group.
/gc [Group Name] - Quick command for /groupcreate.
/groupmessage [message] - Sends a message to everybody in your group.
/gm [message] - Quick command for /groupmessage.
/groupjoin - Joins the group you have been requested to join.
/gj - Quick command for /groupjoin.
/gl - Quick command for /groupleave.
/groupleave - Leaves your current group.

All these updates will take place of the 3rd of July GMT +12 due to my current internet connection.

Added: Panamby Island mapped by Enzo.
Added: Missions to Panamby Island.
Added: Fuel station creator, which means alot of islands/airport will have a fuel station by the press of a button.
Fixed: Fixed the boat shop checkpoint.

Removed: Taxes.
Update: Airport Tax is now costs inbetween 100 - 500 dollars.
Fixed: /ad command, now displays who posted it for all users instead of just you.

Fixed: /messages reply button.
Added: Option to spawn at your airline base. (/preferences -> spawn type)
Added: /airlinespawn command for airline owners to choose where there airline spawns.
Added: Taxes on vehicles/houses. You get taxed 0.004 of the purchase price every 48 minutes IRL.
Added: Map by Sursai - Megafloat air field.
Added: Map by Nova - LB Air field.
Added: /ad command, allows you to post advertisements in main chat, only usable every 3 minutes. The time may be subject to change depending on if it gets abused or not.
Update: Airlines can now hold up to 15 planes in their fleet.
Added: Achievement for skimmers and rescue missions.
Added: If you have more cars then vehicle slots it will send you a warning when you connect. If you don't sell them they will get deleted.

/messages bug fixed.

Skimmer missions have been added, there are 5 water fields currently.

Added 3 maps
Sky Air's airline base.
Rockshore Water Field.
Flint county Water Field.

All messages in /messages which havn't been read yet will be shown at the top of the list.

Created a new website with user control panel, and other goodies like viewing the server status/donation page.

Added a reply option for messages.

Fixed the fuel bug.

Created a new homepage, you're able to access it from

many small scripting updates and improvements.
Added pretty much every vehicle in GTA to a vehicle shop excludes the obvious ones like rhinos etc. To find out were your favorite car is located head to /help -> car dealerships.

Added /airports - Will show you airports which are near you, and you can view the airport size/name/active pilots etc etc.

fixed bugs with the house icons. You now press 'F' or 'ENTER' at the outside of the door instead of house info, if you're the owner of the house you will automatically been teleported in.
Gave the house system a big update, when you enter your house you can do /housemenu to access house related choices.
When an admin spectates a player they will see every command they type.

You're now able to store money in your house. The command will be /housemenu.

Online time now works. if you type /stats it will display at the bottom.

Basic achievements have been added, All missions apart from rescue all have an achievement for getting 500 missions in each. once you get 500 missions in it you will be awarded with 500k cash. You can do /achievements to see your current achievements. If you already have completed 500 in a certain type of mission complete another mission on that type and it will give you your prize.

You now need to be the army class to enter army aircrafts instead of the usual 50 scores and above.
Hunters now require the army class to enter also.

Added a map by Sursai. Includes dodo/at-400/shamal and cargo missions that go there.

When a player completes a mission only players of the same class will see the finishing message, changed due to alot of spam when the player has a high amount of players.

The Pilot Of The Day now displays above the health bar.

Airlines now have a message board. You can click post and create a message and it will show. messages will delete after 7 days.

Houses/vehicles now use UNIX time, which makes the script much for efficient.
Updated /myrank - Will now show you the next rank,how much you score you need etc.
Fixed pretty much all false teleport hack detects.
Fixed minor bugs.


Added MOTD, whenever you connect to the server it will display a message of the day to you, admins can change this message at any time with /setmotd.

When ricardo bans a cheater it will display how many cheaters have been banned by the anti cheat.

If you disconnect on an account with 0 score and 0 money it will get deleted. (Problems with new players connecting for just 1 time then disconnecting straight away, will hopefully safe alot of room on the database.).

Created a new banning system. you will now be banned for a certain amount of days(anti cheat bans for 60-90 days).
Created a new ban message when you connect.

Created a new warning system, You can check all your warnings including issued by/date etc of them. Type /warnings to check them out.

Added a co-pilot system. Press Left mouse button to enter the plane, then use the 'S' key to exit the plane.
Havn't really made any updates to the change log in the last couple of days so updates posted are for 05.05.11 -> 12.05.11

Added Montgomery Airport. It can be found north of the city called 'Montgomery' it has a couple of car spaces out the front available and many parking spots for planes. The approach is over the Las Ventures River and a great overall place to land.

Whoever wins Pilot Of The day last will receive a bonus when completing a mission for the next day. They will keep getting that bonus until the next POTD is chosen.
Fixed problems with the raindance helicopter false detecting for speed hack.

Added in a maverick license. This test is fairly easy and isn't much to expect. It costs 10k and 10 score to take the test. The reward is 20k.

When you complete a mission it will disable the time it took to complete the mission to all players.

When you load or unload it will freeze you for 4 seconds before allowing you to move again.

When completing a mission a dialog box will appear telling you about your mission payment.
Format Below.

Loading Point:
Unloading Point:
Flight Distance:
Flight Duration:

(all bonus payments you recieve will display here, E.G: Owned Vehicle,Airline Pay.)
Distance pay:
Total Earnt:

Added a highscores command. - /highscores
This will allow you to check the richest players/players with the most score. Players with the most amount of mission types (for example shamal mission leaderboard) all mission types are tracked. Pilot of the day wins are also tracked.

Every bonus you recieve will go towards your pilot of the day wins. Instead of just your main big bonus. for example
Airline pay: 3000
misson pay: 5000

Instead of your pilot of the day getting added 5000 to it, it will become 8000.

Fixed a big bug regrading faults with spawning a player which caused detects for teleport hack.

Added Pilot of the day. the person which the highest amount of money earnt in that day (24 mins) will earn an extra bonus and get announced to the server as 'Pilot of the day'.

Added in detects for airbreak, the script will not ban players for it untill it's fully safe.

Airlines can now set a uniform for there airline.
airline owners can change it in 'settings' under there airline board in /airlines.
Airline members can use /uniform to put on there airline uniform( if any ).

Added a bike dealership at San Fierro. also known as 'car school'.
Added a vehicle dealership at 'court and shuttz' sells around 7 cars currently.

Pilots Licenses - You can take a test to get your pilots license in either Shamal or Dodo. The license shop is at Las Venturas Spawn Point.  The test consists of 2 parts. The first part is a casual fly from Las Venturas Airport to San Fierro Airport, once you land and taxi to the gate you will recieve a message saying something about dodging invisible trees. You will then fly through a number of slowly spawning trees then land at Las Venturas airport and taxi back to the test area and park the plane there.

Requirements for Dodo License
500 score
500k - Costs this much everytime you take the test.
Reward - Sea-Sparrow or 400k Cash.

Requirements for Shamal
1000 score
1million - Costs this much everytime you take the test.
Reward - AT-400 or 2million cash.

Possible Reasons For Failing.
Your plane needs to stay above 95 Percent damage.
You must not exit the aircraft at ANY time during the test.
If you disconnect you will fail.
If you die during the test you will fail.

If for any reason you unfairly fail the test and think you deserve a refund post in the problems/complaints section on the forums saying what happened/proof you purchased your pilots license test. also if another pilot crashes into causing you damage make sure you get a screenshot and that player will be  banned  forever + you will receive a full refund.

Anti cheat now supports speed hack, for any reason are you banned for it please say which vehicle you were in + what location you were at(if location was the problem which caused you speed).

You can now purchase house slots to your houses. use /phone to purchase it then select the house you wish to add it to.
NOTE: when you sell your house the house slots that you purchased will be removed from that current house so beware.

Anti cheat now supports teleport hack.
All houses now have atleast 1 vehicle slot. please do not pm an admin asking for more slots on your house.

Fixed problems with work still getting the same airport. The script will now loop through all of the airports untill it gets an airport which isn't near it.

Vehicle slots system.
You can own as many vehicles as your vehicle slots let you instead of just like normal 5 for every player. Of course the bigger the house, the more car slots. you can find out how many slots your house has, some houses may not have car slots added atm so feel free to /sendmessage me a message to change it or /admin [message] when i'm in-game.

When a players vehicle gets deleted they get 75% of the purchase price and a message going to there inbox saying that they lost it due to being inactive.

/ebay command.
You can view all the forsale vehicles/houses and view information on them like location/price/shop value etc.
If you press 'locate' it will set a checkpoint ontop of that vehicle.

added inverted airlines base. - mapped by sursai.

added 3 more airlines.
new /help system
/help and /commands have turned into a dialog system, you can find out the location of dealerships/vehicle prices/how to contact admins etc etc.

All dealerships have been moved to real car dealerships, for example wang cars. If you don't know where they are use /help -> car dealerships -> click on the one you want -> locate and it will create a checkpoint on the mini map.

New message system
Players will be notified when logging in if they recieved a message while they weren't online.

You can now send messages to online/offline players using /sendmessage
Whenever somebody purchases your vehicle or your house you will receive a message in your inbox saying they bought your house, when you select that message you will receive the money.

Admins can now warn offline players, they will receive a message saying they got warned when they login.
ability to receive messages using /messages a script to send messages will be out shortly.
When buying a car or a house off a player they get a message to there message box and will receive the money when they select that message.

Ability to use auto-login. If you have other siblings who use the same IP as you beaware of them entering you account.
Ability to keep working after finishing another job.
Ability to toogle/untoggle receiving pm's in your preferences.

When viewing airline members the owner/co-owner will display at the top of the list, owner will be RED, co-owner ORANGE, rest of the members will be displayed in GREEN

Airline chat has been changed to dark green, use * to access it.

Upgraded the /preferences menu to display some more preferences to toggle/untoggle.
Made the airline system cleaner, for example if you're not the owner/coowner, you cannot see things that they can.

Fixed the time. it will now display '00' instead of just '0'

added a /message and /findcars command for admins.

more general scripting improvements which will help the server run better.
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Re: Change Log
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Airline JetBlue has been closed down to recent disrespect to the server of there fellow owner Bl00dz trying to bring a colt 45 onto the server. Customs officer ricardo quickly spotted it out and took him to jail, All 29 members of Jetblue found themselves fired. The airlines bank balance of 6.8 Million dollars was split between the 29 members of the airline and each member recieved a total sum of  $234,943.

When your plane runs out of fuel, instead of you getting ejected you're plane will get tilted to the ground, It's not very realistic due to the functions we have on sa-mp but it's better then just getting ejected and dieing. If you're close to an airport you may beable to land, eles you most likely will hit the ground and die.

Airlines can now chat to all online players using '* message'.
Added in ranks, to see your current rank type /myrank. The rank scores are as followed.
Score 0   To 9:                 Junior Flight Officer
Score 10 To 24:               Flight Officer
Score 25 To 49:               First Officer
Score 50 To 99:               Capitan
Score 100 To 199:         Senior Captain
Score 200 To 349:         Commercial First Officer
Score 350 To 499:         Commercial Captain
Score 500 To 749:         Commercial Senior Captain
Score 750 To 999:        Commercial Commander
Score 1000 To 1499:    Commercial Senior Commander
Score 1500 To 1999:     PL First Officer
Score 2000 To 2999:     PL Captain
Score 3000 To 3999:       PL Senior Captain
Score 4000 To 4999:     PL Commander
Score 5000 To 5999:     PL Senior Commander
Score 6000 To 10000:    Aviation Legend

Ranks will soon depend on how many houses/vehicles you can own but in the meantime they are just there.
Rescripted ricardo's money hack detection, now works perfectly(well it has so far).

Ability to check airline information(like owner/co-owner, payrate, bank and alot more.)
/airline -> any airline -> airline announcement -> view airline information, it will display a message showing you
Airline name
Airline Owner
Airline Coowner

Airline Bank Balance
Airline PayRate
Amount of members in the airline
Amount of vehicles the airline has
Amount of missions there airline planes have completed.(in the future might make it so each plane has a different mission count.)

Fixed major admin bug.

When you use @ and your callsign is still 'Newbie' you wont beable to use it.

The amount of flights your airline has completed in airline vehicles is now saved under your airline account. To view it head to the instructions i showed you above.
If you have any other ideas on what should be saved as in airline stats feel free to pm me, suggest it or whatever.
Ability to locate your vehicles and houses. To locate them type /mycars or /myhouses depending on which you wish to locate. click on the one you wish to locate then press 'locate'. A checkpoint will appear on your minimap and lead you to your located item. if you wish to stop locating type /cancellocate.
ReAdded: /camera
Fixed: Paintjobs not saving is now fixed, thanks to koffing for reporting.
Added: army bot which flys around the coast of SA, you can refuel near him if you're in a hydra. to find him use /loc 0.
Added: /chute - Spawns a parachute
Added: /givecash [ID] [Amount] [Reason] - You can now supply a reason for why you're giving that player cash.
Added: a feature for me to disable houses/vehicles getting deleted for players who are on holiday.
If you're going on holiday feel free to PM me asking for your house to get disabled for being deleted.
Added: most things on the server get logged, to help with bugs/ban appeals etc etc.
Added: You now get 3 chances to login instead of 1, if you enter the incorrect password more then 3 times you will get kicked.
Added: when a player doesn't park there vehicle when it respawns it will spawn at blueberry farm at 0,0,0 in the middle of the map. If you leave your vehicle there for too long it will get deleted.

Fixed a possible bug with the money anti cheat. GTA takes away $100 automatically from you when you spawn and the server doesn't detect it so Ricardo thinks it's hacked.

alot of small bug fixes.

Big update for vehicle mods.

Instead of having to /park your vehicle mod gets saved as you update them, so if you timeout while moding your vehicle your vehicle mods/cash wont be lost.

Paintjobs now save, if another colour appears over your paintjob do /spraycar -1 -1 and your paintjob will appear.

When you change your vehicle colour inside the tuning stores your vehicle will be saved.

A bug causing rescue pickups to disappear has been fixed. The problem was that after awhile the pickup randomly disappeared meaning if you weren't fast you will miss it and wont beable to find it. Now the script detects if the pickup is valid or not and if the script can't locate the pickup it will place a new one at the pickup point for your missions.

Found out my vehicle deleter wasn't working(This system deletes all of the cars players have sold/cars admins have deleted). it is now fixed and has deleted 360 vehicles upon the restart.
When your spawn type is set as 'Choosen spawn' a dialog will appear with alot more airports/bases for your team. e.g a rescue team member will only get the option to spawn at rescue bases. a pilot will only get the option to spawn at airports, etc etc.

I noticed the amount of players who join and select to spawn as an ATC member and don't really understand what they are meant to do then just leave without experiencing what the server actually has on it.
New team requirements
Pilot Class               0
ATC Class               15
Rescue class           30
Army Class              50
New look and feel to the forum. Let us know what you think of it.

Vehicles and houses will now get deleted after 2 weeks of not visiting them. to make your houses/cars not get deleted make sure you enter them on a regular basis.

Medic missions now take place when you're a medic, spawn as a medic and get into the helis at the spawn point and do /work. it will give you a random pickup you need to find and a radio message sent to you every 15 seconds saying how close you are to the pickup.

Fixed the airline system, airline owners/co-owners can set an airline announcement for all airline members to see. If your airline lost any money from the bug feel free to PM me ingame and i will refund it back in.
Fixed the /purchase commands for buying houses/cars off players.

If somebodys vehicle is forsale you can enter it at anytime, a dialog will appear and allow you to "Buy Car" or "Exit Car" if you click "Buy Car" you will purchase the car and the money will be sent to the player if there offline or online. if you click "Exit Car" you will get kicked out of the car.

The same sort of system will most likely be used for houses also, in the mean time the /purchase command for houses still stands.

Fixed Stuntmissions, get in a stuntplane and type /work then pick your mission to start it.
Brought back the spawn menu, you can change to the spawn menu using /preferences -> spawn type -> chosen spawn. Whenever you spawn a list will appear with areas you can spawn.

Fixed the 3d labels spawning over top of each other.
Added a /forsale command for houses.
the /buycar command has been changed to /purchase and /purchase supports both house buying and car buying.

Added in a boat shop, located at the marina, Los Santos.

Pretty certain i have fixed the /buycar bug.
Added in 3 new maps.
Army island    - BY - GoldLeader
Army Base     - By - Sursai
Ocean flats resort - By Sursai
Airline system added, you can view all the airlines using /airlines

Airline owners can now purchase a fleet, pay there members depending on there payrate. View members/add members/remove members and much much more.

Airline PayRate system
If you wish to get a bit more money for each flight you complete this is the feature for you. If you're in an airline your airline owner will offer a certain amount of cash extra per flight. You need to toggle airline salary on in your /preferences or /phone command. You will recieve the airline salary no matter what plane you're in. If you're in a airline owned vehicle you will earn a certain amount of cash for your airline and still get your Payrate the owner set.

Airline Fleet system
Airline owners can purchase a fleet for there airline, each vehicle will beable to be managed or sold with the /airlines command. If you complete a flight in one of these vehicles you will get some money between 1-2k for the bank. Airline vehicles can only be entered by airline members.
The cash you earn for the company vehicle will go straight into the airline bank account.

Airline Member system
Airline owners can add and remove players from there airline with the click on a button. All server players can view the member list.

Airline Bank system
Each airline has there own bank account and the money will be used for purchasing planes, paying members for flights. Only owners/co-owners of the airline can withdraw the money, all server players can deposit money into the airline bank at anytime or they can also view the airline bank.

Added in a number of new maps.

Added a farm vehicles shop to the farm in blueberry also known as "Glebs Farm" the checkpoint is located at the blue building beside the airport.
Added a new fuel payload system, the money you pay is now more depend on how much fuel you have left in your tank.

Remapped island 1, now has a larger airport /island with a few mansions on there(one is excatly the same as mad doggs house)

Fixed alot of small bugs(see the bug section if you wish to see what ones)

Started the airline system atm you can withdraw/deposit your cash and everything saves to the DB including airline owners/members etc. Expect to see more progress on this in the future.
Fixed the Anti money hack, has stopped false detecting , anti cheat also supports jetpack/armour hack.

/r [message] - will send a message to the last person you pm'd. when they disconnect or you havn't messaged anybody while you have been connected it will say "you havn't messaged anybody yet".

/acommands - Added so admins can keep track of admin commands,(not all of the commands are there)

Fixed a bug when you purchase a crop duster it takes away 500k instead of 250k.

Added preferences menu to /phone(/iphone)

When you finish a mission you will get another bonus regrading on which plane you're in(helicopters pay the most)

added TowTruck(250k),NRG-500 and Huntley all at the LS dealership.

Some updates to make up for the past week or so.

Players can now own a max of 5 vehicles!
Players can now own a max of 2 houses!

You can now use /phone or /iphone to view all your current vehicles/houses and view information about them, More will be added to the phone menu but for now it will do. Also you can use /mycars or /myhouses to view them one by one.

/myhouses and /mycars now allow you to click on them to display information about the vehicles/houses.

/duty command for admins, allows them to hide/unhide there status on the /admins bar.
Broken computer.
/preferences, able to change your player settings, only supports housing/callsign atm but is getting extended in the near future.

Spawning is now done randomly, you can choose your class when you connect. for example if you select pilot you will spawn at an pilots airport, if you choose atc you will spawn in a random ATC tower. You can change your class at any time using /reclass.

If you own a house you will spawn there instead of at a random airport, you can toggle house spawning off/on by using /housespawn

You can now respawn all the cars you own by using /respawnmycars.

when you connect to the server all your vehicles will be respawned.

added a checkpoint to the lobby of the office building in ls will allow you to access the helipads
Added floor 4 - mapped by jack rocker
Added text which displays the owner of the vehicle and if it's forsale it will include the sale price.

changed /view to /viewhouse
Ferry service which tps you from Mexicanda island to ocean flats SF a good way to get cars to your house I will expand this idea later on but for now it should be fine.

NOTE: sometimes while travelling to Mexicanda island you may fall through the ground due to the fact custom objects spawn slow. A fix will be provided in the future.

Added a map update on Mexicanda island added a fuel station there which allows you to /fuel,/repair.

Added ls office building parking - mapped by JZX73 and myself.
Added ls office building helipads - mapped by JZX73 and myself.
Added ls office building lounge - mapped by JXZ73 and myself.

Fixed some issues with house text replacing each other and not updating.
/view - use this command near an unowned house to check out the interior.
Fixed issues with vehicle models not respawning on vehicles after getting destroyed.

Fixed the lowest house interior(wrong interior ID)

You will now spawn inside your house if you own one. if not you will normally spawn.

Created an ingame house editor for myself, i can now edit house prices/interior/owner/password ingame, will be very helpful for upgrading/downgrading interiors/prices.
Many updates/bug fixes have happened in the last couple of days but i have forgotten to add them in but here is a list of the previous days work.

Vehicle mods perfectly save now, didn't worked as planned when i added them in last time. now all mods will save.

/work directs you to the nearest airport. e.g if you start a mission in LV your loading point will be in LV, if you start a mission in SF your loading point will be in SF, note: if there is no loading point at your current airport it will redirect you to another close one. for example dodo's don't fly to SF/LV/LS so it would redirect you to a nearby island or another airport.

ATC's can now send a message to all local pilots(withen 1500 GTA meters of the ATC tower) or to every active pilot(anybody around SA)

/afk [reason] you can now go AFK providing a reason while you're going AFK, when you come back do /afk to takeaway AFK status.

/jail [playerid]     - admin command allows them to put players in jail.
/unjail [playerid] - admin command allowing them to unjail players.
The jail is located in the VIP area, VIP members can get them by doing /vipmenu -> VIP teleports -> VIP hangout

/afklist   - shows a list of all AFK players
/jaillist   - shows a list of all Jailed players
/admins - shows a list of all online admins

/sethousepass [password] - Allows you to set a house password for your house.
/enter [password] - other players will beable to enter your house if they have the correct password you set for you house.
Re-did all the house interiors
Interior 1 - Small hotel room
Interior 2 - Bigger hotel room
Interior 3 - Fairly big house, around 5 rooms
Interior 4 - Big red mansion interior
Interior 5 - Cj's house
Interior 6 - Big mansion interior
Interior 7 - Mad dogs crib

When you enter the loading checkpoint it will save your vehicle model type, when you enter the unload checkpoint you will have to be in the same vehicle otherwise you wont beable to unload

Added in a couple more vehicles to the vehicle shop.
e.g ZR350,sultan,moonbeam and some more.

Updated the PM system
/ignore [ID] to block/unblock a player.
/ignorelist to see who you have blocked
Once you ignore a player they will not beable to PM you.
Changed Checkpoints to race checkpoints to stop some bugs with the plane/car dealerships.

[22.02.11] - [20.02.11]
Few bug fixes
Rescripted the mission system, it now selects a random load/unload point from all the airports on the map, this update has increase the amount of missions by around 10x or so.

Vehicle system is completely working. spent an hour of finding bugs/fixing them. also the house system is fully bug free.

When the server restarts a menu of the server stats will appear for all players.

Added in 2 more vehicles to the car shop, 250k each. Buffalo and Sabre
Added in "rydersford island" mapped by RedBaron

Fixed some bugs with the vehicle trading system.

Fixed a bug allowing you to login to a players account without entering a password.
The weather system now displays more sunshine, had to remove some of the weathers because they don't work at night time.

Ricardo(anti cheat) now supports teleport/speed hack.

When the server is restarted it will display random server stats move info below.
Added around 50 more houses, Total number of houses are around 200
/serverstats commands, will display random server stats. e.g
Online Players Money
Online Players Score
Players In missions
Players flying
Players Online
Unused server slots
And more to come.

made a small admin control panel. admins will now beable to restart the server and soon issue warnings/bans/unbans to all online/offline players.

Fixed a couple of minor bugs.

Fuel now lasts twice aslong.

The forum ranks have been changed to suit the IAF ranks. You rank up simply by posting.

The badges you get for ranking up in forum have been changed to the ones you get in Gears Of Wars 2

When you use /park you now say inside your vehicle instead of getting kicked out.

Vehicle colours now save, on an owned vehicle you can do /spraycar [color1] [color2] to change your vehicle colours. Vehicle mods will save in the near future.

All houses in bayside have been added.
Fixed the ban system, now correctly displays what you were banned for, and everybody using your IP will not beable to login(if you played PH you will know what i'm talking about)
Also i had to delete all accounts to make this possible. so PM me your score/money.

Fixed the /stats command sometimes showing you have around 70k in a certain amount of a mission.

When a new user connects his callsign will be "Newbie" untill he changes it.

Added a nicely mapped house at the el cornea region.(not by me)
Added 10 or so houses.

Fixed some bugs which display the wrong mission you finished.

Added another 30 houses located around San Fierro/bayside
Added refuel stations at SF/a51
Fixed some more minor bugs.

Currently added 81 houses, most houses are located at the Richman/mulholland area, note - The prices are pretty low because i want to encourage trading and interacting with other players instead of just the server. there will be a /forsale for houses soon.

Added in another island yet to have a name. You can also purchase houses there if you wish. It's located just west of bayside airport.

Fixed some issues regarding vehicle text not disappearing when you use /cancelsale.

Fixed some minor bugs. (e.g, checkpoint not disabling when a player dies.)

Fixed some fake calling with anti-money hack. still sometimes detects false players but that should be fixed shortly.

Pilots life's beta has started, you can enter the server with the IP -, once all the bugs have been fixed we still start advertising our server and getting it out there.

Thank you to the current players for reporting bugs.
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Re: [23 July] Change Log
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23 July, Wednesday

Level 3 VIP's only
- /house(/h) [House Number] - Typing  '/house' or '/h' without any parameters will show you a list of the house numbers you can use, numbers will be from 1-3 depending on how many houses you own.

All Players

- /sprayairlinefleet [Color1] [Color2] - Will spray your whole airline fleet a certain color.
- /spraycompanyfleet [Color1] [Color2] - Will spray your whole airline fleet a certain color.
- All air vehicles speed will now be displayed in knots; Your MPH / KPH setting will only apply to land vehicles.
- Bug Fix: Company percentage payout were being incorrectly given / displayed. This has been patched.
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Re: [29 November] Change Log
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3rd September, Thursday

Added /despawncars command - This will despawn all of your vehicles.
Added despawn cars button to /mycars
Updated /mycars menu, now has 3 columns and looks a lot cleaner.
Added the airline salary system.

How the salary system works.

When you join an airline your default salary is $10,000. You will get this salary every 60 minutes (works with tax / interest etc).

Airline owners have the ability to change your salary ($1 -> 100mil per 60 minutes). This money comes from the airline bank so airline owner's will most likely only increase this if you're a hardworking member.

This is now how you earn money from airlines, 100% of the payrate goes to the airline bank, none goes to you!

This system will hopefully encourage user's to work harder for their airline in order to get a payrise OR bargin with other airline's into employing them for a larger salary.

Just like real life!
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