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August 2021 patchnotes
« on: August 27, 2021, 06:20:02 PM »
Server Changelog:
•Added functionality to setrank via /p.
•Going afk while on water will no longer avoid you from going afk   
•Live textdraw showing distance to LC, only show during time distance is shown
•Make lost cargo disable-able in /p
•Added yellow color to vip
•Added client commands to /commands

New Missions:
Hunter Quarry (helipad/large aircraft/small aircraft/skimmer/truck/bus)

Bug fixes:
•Display bonus interest for VIP4 in /interest
•Rank up announcement not working Works sometimes (rank names: First, Second, Third, Fourth aviation legend)
•Replace rockstar cape with better object
•Maploader doesn’t freeze the server anymore while loading all maps
•Player not receiving a license until they relog. .
•Login textdraws show one player online
•Players can service personal vehicles regardless if they can afford it or not
•When an event ends make all players /leaveevent.
•Fix warnings, names over 5 characters not saving warnings.
•Fix /getprice saying unknown command.
•Callsign max length IG doesn’t match database query lenght (set via /p)
•Separated /gps -> Dealerships into regions(SA,VC,LC), then dealerships.
•Fixed /inventory

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Instructions weren't clear enough. Got my dick stuck in the toaster.

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Re: August 2021 patchnotes
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thank you TG :party: