Author Topic: Sunday, 21 March 2021 - Libertas Vitium  (Read 5749 times)

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Sunday, 21 March 2021 - Libertas Vitium
« on: March 21, 2021, 04:22:16 PM »
Server Changelog:
-Updated server to 0.3.DL, download link to the client and other necessary files posted HERE.
-Added Liberty City to the west of San Andreas.
-Added Vice City to the east of San Andreas.
-Added six new interiors: Ryder’s house, Michelle’s Room, LS Atrium, Colonel Furhberger's house, shitty motel, and doughnut shop.
-Added Esplanade North Pier to trucker loading points.
-Added dealerships of each type across Vice City and Liberty City.
-Added two new modification shops, one in Portland Docks and one in Little Havana.
-Added map icons to dealerships. Blue car for cars, airplane for aircraft, and an anchor for boats.
-Added helicopter missions across Vice City.
-Added two new radio stations, WFMU and Smooth Jazz.
-Added 39 new cargo drops across San Andreas.
-Added sponsor skins to /vipmenu.
-Rewrote the company chat command for better efficiency.
-Added several enterable interiors across LC and VC.
-Replaced Princess Juliana’s spawn with VCIA.
-Added Little Haiti and Staunton Island to the taxi spawns.
-Added Fort Baxter to SA Army spawn.
-Ended COVID-19 Event.
-Company chat is now a lighter blue.
-Added trucking and fuel trucking to demand types. These come through as [Dispatch] instead of [Air Traffic Control.]
-Added distance caps to several types of missions. Trucking 4km, dodo/skimmer/beagle/cropduster 10km.
-Added Lima Island & Vice City to ATC spawns.
-Added boat garage in Marina, the boat dealership’s old location.
-Reenabled /duel, new dueling arena located in the basement of the VIP Hangout.
-Added GPS zones to Vice City and Liberty City.
-Players can only choose weather IDs between 1-255.
-Added Francis Intl. and Escobar Intl. to the ATC.
-Added Vice Port and Portland Docks to trucker spawns.

Website Changelog:
-Fixed SACNR monitor on Online.php.

Bug fixes:
-Removed unnecessary possession from “Player’s has been removed from your airline/company.”
-Fixed spelling of “Courtzz and Shutzz” to “Coutt and Schutz.”
-Fixed minor grammar in the military patrols demand.
-Added missing /vcommands as shown in the /commands menu.
-Missions now read in “minute(s)” instead of “minutes.”
-Using /mycompany without being in a company will now display the proper message.
-”Airline announcement updated” switched to “Announcement updated!”
-Fixed the description of “/puke” in the animations list.
-Replaced “an vehicle” with “a vehicle.”
-Fixed spelling of “accepeted” to “accepted.”
-Fixed withdrawal minimum amount text.
-Fixed key detection for WOTD menu and turning on/off your engine.
-Moved cargo drop’s SF Carrier loading point.
-Fixed 14 misnamed cargo drops.
-Fixed spelling error of “Bluebery Garage.”
-Removed unnecessary period in "You cannot turn your engine off while moving!"
-You can no longer /repair a vehicle already in full health.
-Fixed server time bug, sky no longer flashes on the hour.
-Fixed several bugs in the commands menu.
-Fixed playerid not showing up on /t messages.
-Fixed broken vehicles not shutting off at 300km.
-Fixed spelling issue of “havn’t” to “haven’t.”
-Fixed header bar not showing up when a player re-enables their /panel.
-Removed unused checkpoints in Bone County near Big Ear.
-Moved Ular checkpoint for big aircraft to prevent damage.
-Fixed /tsell not working on company owned trailers.
-Fixed missing bracket in a dice message.
-Fixed “Your plane's odometer is under 900,000. It doesn't need to be serviced quite yet."
-Loading checkpoints for Beagles now say “Passengers Boarding” instead of “Loading Cargo.”
-Fixed VIP4 players under 6k score not being able to /resetrank.
-Lowered unreachable survivor in Palomino Creek.
-Aligned score requirement on spawn menu for Fuel Truck Driver.
-When exiting the interior of an aircraft, the player is no longer stuck in the plane.
-Fixed a spelling error on the test plane from “there pilots license” to “their.”
-Players are no longer able to /close gates to airlines/companies/houses they don’t have access to.
-Players no longer get fined for having a 100% passenger satisfaction or higher.
-Fixed bug where license tests with 100% health were showing 99%.
-Nevada test now shows correct finishing location of Landfill instead of LVA.
-Increased string on /whereami.
-Can no longer use /abase, /cbase, or /house while in an event.
-Increased strings on command lists.

Update Notes:
-Mission ranges are to be modified in the next update.
-There are several buildings in Liberty City with missing roofs and some holes in the map which were not originally accessible by the player in GTAIII. These will be patched in an upcoming update.
-You may encounter a brief minor lag while new areas load in, these maps are not yet optimized and will be worked on over the course of the next few updates.
-The landmass north of Liberty City will be cut and re-designed in the next update.

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[HOTFIX] Friday, 30 April 2021
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2021, 08:35:29 PM »
Server Changelog:
-Fixed database connection.
-Reorganized the /tp menu.

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[HOTFIX] Sunday, 6 June 2021
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2021, 05:51:34 AM »
Server Changelog:
-Updated PLR’s stream IPs in /radio.

New Missions:
-Montauk Island (Andromada, AT-400, Cargo, Dodo, Helicopter, Shamal)
-Vice Strait Airport (Andromada, AT-400, Dodo, Helicopter, Military, Shamal, Skimmer)

Removed Missions:
-Lopez Island (Temporary)
-Santa Maria Island (Temporary)

Bug fixes:
-Fixed Saint Mark’s checkpoint name.