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Full Command List
« on: May 29, 2011, 02:26:09 AM »
Tip: for a command requiring [ID], you can type the username or a partial username.

Main Commands.
/licenses - Shows a list of the licenses you have currently acquired.
/achievements - Shows a list of the achievements you have completed.
/sendmessage - Sends a message to a player, choose your message/subject/money sent.
/messages - Check all your messages.
/myrank - Shows you your current rank.
/phone - Able to view your houses/vehicles/preferences.
/changepassword [new password] - changes the password of your account.
/preferences - Shows you a list on player preferences for you to toggle / untoggle (Secondary Command: /p)
/mycallsign - Shows you your current callsign.
/setcallsign - Changes your callsign on the radio, also changeable in /preferences.
/warnings - Shows you a list of your warnings.
/stats [Optional: playerid] - Shows you a list of your stats. If you specify a playerid, it will show that player's stats.
/airlines - Views the current airlines.
/requestname [new name] - Command for changing your in-game username (more info).

Pilot Commands
/beacon - Turns your icon colour to yellow.
/work - Starts a mission (Secondary Command - /w)
/stopwork - Stops your current mission (Secondary Command - /s)
/chute - Gives you a parachute.
/takeoff - Sends a message to all pilots saying you're taking off.(Secondary Command: /t)
/land - Sends a message to all pilots saying you're landing. (Secondary Command: /l)
/panel - Hides / Shows the speedo.
/atc - Shows ATC menu (tutorial).
/demand - Shows what type of flights are in demand currently.

Server Commands:
/highscores - Shows a list of highscores, you're able to see the best players at each task.
/admin [message] - Sends a message to all online admins. (Secondary command: /adminmessage [message])
/camera - Gives you a camera.
/reclass - Shows you a dialog box for you to reclass.
/respawn - Will respawn you at another airport.
/kill - Will kill your player.
/admins - Shows a list of all online admins
/afklist - Shows a list of all the AFK players.
/afk [reason] - Tells everybody you're going AFK.
/serverstats - Shows you some random facts about the server, will also display when the server restarts.
/me [action] - Used to tell players you're doing an action. Not to be used for advertising (see /ad for that).
/report [ID] [Reason] - Sends a report to all online admins, use this is a player is cheating or breaking the rules.
/loc [ID] - Shows your somebody's current location.
/gps - Shows you a list of islands (Not updated very often, currently offline)
/pm [ID] [Message] - Sends a private message to a player.
/r - Sends a message to the last person you messaged.
/anims - shows you a list on animations you can pick from.
/detach - Detachs a vehicle which has been attached to you(E.G: Baggage with a stair tailor.)
/vcommands - Shows you a list of VIP commands/features.
/rules - Shows you a list of server rules (pressing "Decline" will kick you!).
/ignorepms - Will disable you from receiving PM's.
/radio - Online streaming radio.
/dl - Shows detailed information about vehicles (ID, coordinates, etc).
/pagesize [number] - Specifies the number of visible chatlines.
/timestamp - Shows the time in front of chat messages.
/wotd - Shows the "Workers of the day" panel.
/tax - Shows the taxes you have to pay.
/crystal [question] - Sends a message to Crystal (Owner).
/o - Opens your airline's gate.
/dogfight - A virtual world designed for deathmatching, you can enter military planes without score limit and fight with your friends.
/discord - Gives the URL for The Pilot's Life Official Discord Server

Airline Commands:
/airlines - Displays a list of airlines.
/uniform - Put of your airlines current uniform.
/amotd - View your airlines current message of the day.
/smotd - Players who have the required rank to change an announcement can use this to change the AMOTD.
/ma - Shows a dialog with various information about your current airline.
/myairline - Displays the current online airline colleagues.

Company Commands:
/companies - Displays a list of companies.
/cuniform - Put on your company current uniform.
/cmotd - View your company current message of the day.
/mc - Shows a dialog with various information about your current company.
/mycompany - Displays the current online company colleagues.
/Tsell - Selling Trailer connected to truck
/Tpark - Parks Trailer connected to truck

Vehicle Commands:
/respawnmycars - Respawns all your vehicles.
/spraycar [color1] [color2] - Changes the colour of your vehicle. Color chart here.
/repair - Repairs your vehicle if you're at a fuel station. (Secondary command: /fix)
/park - Parks your vehicle at it's current location.
/mycars - Shows you a list of your current vehicles.
/forsale [Price] - Set your vehicle for sale for players to purchase.
/cancelsale - Will cancel the sale of your house.
/sellcar - Instantly sells your car for 75% of its original price.
/buycar - Purchases the nearest for sale car if you have enough money and an empty house slot.
/eject [playerID] - Ejects a player from your vehicle.
/ejectall - Removes all players from your vehicle (except you).
/at400 - Enter AT-400 planes without stair. Go under the rear wheels to use command.
/androm - Enter Andromada instantly.
/givecarkey [playerid] [Optional: days] - Gives the current car's key to another player, they'll be able to drive your car.
/takecarkey [playerid] - Takes back your car keys.
/plate [text] - Adds custom text to license plates at a cost of $10,000

House Commands:
/myhouses - Show's you a list of your current houses, you have the option to set spawn, locate and many more once you've picked a house from the list.
/houseinfo - A small list of the house's information, you must be outside on the house icon to use this command.
/housemenu - Allows you to set house preferences, you must be inside your house to use this command.

Financial Commands.
/balance - Displays your total balance, both your bank account and cash.
/interest - Shows your interest details: current interest, disbursement time, etc.

Animation Commands.
/anims - Displays list of animations.
/dance - Simple dance command, ENTER to stop.
/wank - Player wanks, ENTER to stop.
/checkout - Graffiti checkout, ENTER to stop.
/bendover - Player bends over, ENTER to stop.
/sit - Player sits, ENTER to stop.
/talk - Player talks, ENTER to stop.
/lay - Player lays on the ground, stops after a couple seconds.
/puke - Player pukes one time.
/wave - Player waves.
/gsit - Player sits on the ground, stops after a couple seconds.
/taichi - Player preforms taichi, preform another animation to stop it.
/handsup - Player places hands in the air.
/beer - Player summons a beer bottle.
/sprunk - Player summons a sprunk.
/wine - Player summons wine.
/ciggy - Player summons a burning cigar/cigarette.
/cellphone - Summons a cellphone for the player to talk on.
/cellphoneoff - Despawns the cellphone the player was talking on.

2013.03.28 - Added /requestname. - GeriBoss
2019.09.09 - Changed /haydz to /crystal. - Shiv
2019.09.16 - Added /discord, /demand. - Shiv
2019.10.20 - Added /tsell, /tpark. - Cygnus
2020.05.26 - Added animation commands. -Crystal
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