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Title: September 2021 patchnotes
Post by: thegamer355 on September 27, 2021, 02:52:10 PM
Server Changelog:
-Reworked fuel truck class (now gives 2 score per mission and has multi-unload missions)
-Reworked rescue class (some missions now require you to transport survivors to the nearest hospital, missions also give an estimated location of the victim)
-Players can no longer request names over 20 charachters, sa-mp doesn’t allow longer names anyways
-Fixed mission finished message saying wrong pickup location
-Estimated location question mark disappears when dying, doing /s or when survivor is picked up
-Survivor pickup now gets removed when the mission is finished and not just when mission is ended via /s or /stopwork
-Hopefully fixed rescue mission pickup displaying bank messages
-Fixed a bug where you could crash the server using notepad
-Removed VC and LC dealerships
-Removed VC and LC teleport locations
-Removed VC and LC from /getprice
-Removed VC and LC houses (if you find one, let me know)
-Removed the lost cargo from LC and VC

New Missions:
-Sky Air HQ trucking
-Sky Military HQ cargodrop
-Sky Military HQ Hydra
-Iguazu airport missions

Removed Missions:
-Removed missions from LC
-Removed missions from VC