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Sunday, 14 June 2020
« on: June 14, 2020, 05:33:56 AM »
Server Changelog:
-Added Covid-19 event! More info HERE.
-Added stars for VIP4.
-Added police light bar to neon menu.
-Added ambulance light bar to neon menu.
-Setrank appears in /p, can update via /p in a future update.
-Added four new animations: /strip /stripa /stripb /stripc.
-Added alias /vm for /vipmenu.
-Removed Santa Maria Airport from skydiver class.
-Added alias /i for /inventory.
-Removed SNR’s commands.
-House sales tax reduced to 10% for player to player sales. Server sales are still 25%.
-Added alias /vgm for /vgodmode.
-Increased payouts for lost cargo.
-Added Cargo, Dodo, Helicopter, and Shamal missions to Dominican Island.
-Added Andromeda, AT-400, Cargo, Dodo, Helicopter, and Shamal missions to Lima Island.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed spelling issue in VIP4 bonus interest of “privaledged” to “privileged.”
-Fixed some /inventory bugs, still needs work.
-Fixed minor formatting in /licenses.
-Fixed inactive companies not being hidden.
-Fixed spelling issue of “lumber” in lottery to “number.”

Known bugs:
-Rockstar cape may or may not show up in inventory.
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