Author Topic: President killed in Air Force One crash - March 8th 2020 | 17:05  (Read 67 times)

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The Presidential Plane pictured from the PL Office Tower as it came in for landing at San Fierro International Airport on the morning of the day it was downed

Las Venturas - President Santiago, Vice President Crystal and some of the country's highest military and civilian leaders including all members of the cabinet died on Saturday when the presidential plane crashed off the coast of Pelican Reef, an island off the coast of Las Venturas.

According to the San Fierro Chronicles, the plane may have been shot down by a rogue airman of the 89th Airlift Wing. Purple House and San Andreas Air Force officials said there were no survivors on the 33-year-old VC-25, a military version of the Boeing 747 airline which was taking the president, his wife, the vice president and staff back to Los Santos after rallies in Las Venturas and San Fierro.

It is expected to directly affect the functioning of the San Andreas government. Speaker of the House, the acting president, simultaneously declared a state of emergency and a week of national mourning.

"We still cannot fully understand the scope of this tragedy and what it means for us in the future. Nothing like this has ever happened in San Andreas," Lavija said. "We can assume with great certainty that all persons on board have been killed. For national security reasons, we cannot discuss the nature of the crash"

The plane disintegrated midair, eyewitness Agera Durex told San Andreas News. He said there were two loud explosions before the plane disintegrated.

Update: March 8th 2020 | 18:43

Leaked footage from what appears to be the rogue aircraft that shot down Air Force One shows the Presidential Plane being escorted and targeted with a missile. The footage also shows debris and parts of aircraft plummeting down over the island

Update: March 8th 2020 | 19:03
Eyewitnesses speculate that a second aircraft, possibly a military jet, was downed outside the San Andreas Sound

Update: March 8th 2020 | 19:30
Acting President Lavija confirms the Presidential Plane was downed by a rogue San Andreas Air Force Pilot.

Update: March 8th 2020 | 19:35
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff confirms that the rogue aircraft was downed shortly after the attack, credits Lieutenant Criterion for taking down the rogue aircraft.   

Update: March 8th 2020 | 22:55
San Andreas Air Forces releases all footage from the former President's trip:
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